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  1. What L number is Peppermint?

    L183 is a starlight bristlenose .. L181 is the peppermint bristlenose
  2. Super red bristlenose catfish

    Not sure if this is a red ... but found him at the local petstock shop... $9
  3. Super red bristlenose catfish

    Hmm pricing for these is kinda tricky .. it could be .... there “super red” and RARE in Aus ..... I guess $20cm / $60 for 3cm fry .... or there just a line breed colour morph of a common calico bristlenose .. $10 for 3cm fry or around the same price as peppermint bristlenose $5-$10cm .. $15to$30 for 3cm fry .. $150-$200 for pair of breeding adults I guess being rare at this point in Aus it’s what ever the buyer would pay .. I would happily pay $50each for a group of 3cm fry .. or if this is Mr. A. H. I’ll pay $75each if it gets me up the list quicker GREAT JOB WITH THESE whatfor ive been looking for these for a while now .. can’t wait