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  1. Thanks for the info. I will look more into the over filtering and will also look at the Eheim canisters.
  2. Hi, I am after some recommendation of Canister filters. I want to over filter the tank. I have a 250 litre tank running a few discus. I am looking at a new filter and was considering: Aquael Unimax 500; Fluval 306 or 406; or Eheim Classic 2217 (600). Especially interested in comments on the Unimax 500. Thanks in advance
  3. I have a 250 liter (66 gallon) tank. I am after a display tank. Is it best to have an all male tank or a mix of male and females. Are the females a bit duller in color?
  4. Hi, I am close to starting a African Malawi Cichlid tank I was looking at probably an all male tank. Is there anyone with experience with for and against regarding an all male tank? The ones I was looking at are(quite a list of about 15 types): Are they all compatible? TANGERINE PEACOCK ALBINO PEACOCK RED JACOBFREIBERGI FIREBIRD PEACOCK YELLOW PEACOCK BLUE PEACOCK A STUARTGRANTI NGARA FLAMETAIL CHILOTILAPIA EUCHILUS ALBINO ZEBRA (M.Zebra) O.B. BLUEBERRY ZEBRA (M.Zebra) LABIDOCHROMIS HONGI LABIDOCHROMIS MBAMBA PLACIDOCHROMIS PHENOCHILUS TANZANIA ALBINO MELANOCHROMIS AURATUS AULONOCARA KORNELIAE Pseudotropheus Demasoni Happy to hear advice and peoples experiences. Thanks
  5. Hi, I am about to kick off with my first Malawi Cichlid tank (250 liters). I will be running 2x 2217 Eheim filters, Eheim 200 air pump and 200w Eheim heater, and LED lighting. I have a mixture of pool sand and crushed coral for the substrate, 2 rock setups, and will be finding cichlid friendly plants to go in. The question I have is what water additives would you recommend to use in the tank for: · getting the tank up and running, and · after the tank is up and running, and · during water changes. Also temperatures, PH, etc Not sure if there is anything that I have missed. If I have please let me know with setting up the tank. All advice, good or bad is welcome, and happy to learn the ins and outs of a cichlid tank. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, I am setting up a African Cichlid tank, tank is 250 litres (100 x 50 x 50) and was wondering if an air pump is needed? I have had air pumps in my other tanks, but I have read varying differences to have or not to have with Cichlids. What are your thoughts and if so, what size and brand? Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks for the information. What about thermometers to keep a check on the temp. Are there any you can recommend?
  8. Hi, I was wondering if the Aqua One ThermoSafe Heater 300W was a decent heater for a 250L tank. I was also thinking of Eheim. Can anyone give me some recommendations about the size of heater and brand. Also would you use two heaters or one. Thanks
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