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  1. johnw83

    Where is everyone

    from Brisbane and not on here much on other forums
  2. johnw83

    Breeding Tank Sponges

    hi mate i would run two medium sized sponge filters in each tank they work very well for breeding fish cheers john u all so know me as johnbetta
  3. johnw83

    Super red bristlenose catfish

    wow nice fish i would sell a pair for $150 or single for $65
  4. johnw83

    3 foot- 40 gal stocking question

    eletric yellows are great fish and easy to breed u could add eetric blues to
  5. speak to the age of aquariums pm them on here 4 help
  6. johnw83

    Air pump - to have or not to have

    all my tanks have air filters and I use a large air pump on all my tanks
  7. johnw83

    best food for conditioning large malawi haps

    black worms are good
  8. hello how are u its john betta from qld aquarium forum

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    2. johnw83


      cool sounds good how are your fish mate

    3. Ageofaquariums


      Nothing too amazing, chilli endlers and cories....  got some sweet big Oranda tho!


    4. johnw83


      oh cool hope the chillis are breeding and cool very nice