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  1. Sorry to hear about the male. I am having the same problem finding one , i lost my male but fortunately they spawned the day before and i have about 50 4 week old fry. The female is fully conditioned and ready to spawn again so if any one knows where i can find a single male please let me know Adam
  2. i was just wondering how common these loaches are and how much they are worth i have two of them and im thinking of selling them thanks Adam
  3. what is the minimum tank size for breeding and would taiwan reef be a good host? thanks adam
  4. hi you should give lams aquarium a call they are in parramatta 0296306781 adam
  5. im happy to keep the fish as long as it is not going to suffer thanks for the advice guys
  6. they only eat flake and brine shrimp
  7. hi one of my alto comp kigoma's has dislocated its top jaw and now cant close its mouth,has any one seen this before. is this treatable or should the fish be put down. thanks adam
  8. hi all i need to know if Ophthalmotilapia ventralis are ok to keep with Cyathopharynx foai sumbu or will they cross breed? thanks Adam.
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