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  1. Otopharynx tetrastigma body shape

    Hey ducksta thank you for the reply and sharing the info. Yeh I am willing to grow him out and see how he turns up. Hopefully he starts colouring up soon. I do have the lot number and maybe next auction I’ll inform them.
  2. Otopharynx tetrastigma body shape

    Next time I’ll know better to check the fish before I buy. But it was double bagged and plus I didn’t have any clue what tetrastigma looks like. Maybe I’ll ask one of the guys who runs the auction and see what’s up with that.
  3. Otopharynx tetrastigma body shape

    Like it mentioned previously I purchased him from the NSW cichlid society auction. It’s meant to be an adult approximately 6-7cm maybe even bigger. But i was surprised when I looked at his body in the morning when I turned the light on. He looks a bit deformed to me. But then again I’m no expert that’s why I am here looking for answers. Thank you for the reply Roos. I hope your tank is going well.
  4. Otopharynx tetrastigma body shape

    Can someone shed some light regarding the body shape of Otopharynx tetrastigma. I got a tetrastigma from the auction last night. It appears to have a short body. I did a google search and appears to have longer body shape. I have attached some pictures for reference.
  5. My Malawi set up

    Keep doing weekly water changes and give them a good diet and they will get massive in no time
  6. Firemouth fry with parents

    Great looking firemouths. I would be interested to get few of the fry once they grow up.
  7. My Malawi set up

    Thank you. I can’t believe they grew so quick.
  8. My Malawi set up

    So this is my 5x2x2 set up. Bought majority of them from NSW cichlid auctions in March. Few were purchased from local breeders. All these fish were purchased as juveniles. The pictures are roughly 8months apart. Looking to upgrade into 7x2.5x2.5 set up. Thought I would share it here.
  9. Looking For Steve From Dapto

    Is this him?
  10. NLS cichlid formula or Thera A

    Where are you located? I have been few lfs around Sydney stocks them. I bought mine from city garden aquarium at Greenacre
  11. NLS cichlid formula or Thera A

    Damn a bit too late now. Already got 2 kg nls. Trying to finish off the food I got left and can't wait to try it out and see it for myself. Thank you for the input everyone. Appreciate the info.
  12. Stocking 5x2x2 African Cichlid Tank

    No worries, if you wanted to keep lake Malawi cichlids. Maybe get rid of the drift wood? I was told by few breeders that it lowers the pH of water. but not sure whether it is true or not.
  13. Stocking 5x2x2 African Cichlid Tank

    Not really. I have never seen the mbunas chasing the peacocks. Usually my sunshine peacocks chases the mbunas around. The only aggression I see are between the males of the same species. Then again I have lots of rocks so the weaker one can bolt in between the rocks. Overall the aggression level is low as I only have moderately aggressive mbunas. I might get rid of two manigano i have currently in the tank if they turn out to be aggressive.
  14. NLS cichlid formula or Thera A

    Thank you for the input. I ordered new life spectrum cichlid formula 2 kg buckets for $120.
  15. Stocking 5x2x2 African Cichlid Tank

    Nice stock. I have similar size tank but mine has sump. I would probably get yelled at here for saying this. I have around 130 in the tank consisting of mbunas and peacocks and few haps. Got most of them from the cichlid auctions as juvelines in March. Most turned into young and colourful juveniles and some has started breeding already. I do weekly 50% water change. Must be doing something right as they are breeding.