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  1. Snaus

    What food are you feeding

    Yeah i feed nls in all of my tanks. Display, breeders and fry tanks. Its only the size of the pellet that varies. 👍
  2. Snaus

    Lake Malawi Africans

    That looks great. #tankgoals
  3. Snaus

    6fter stock inspiration

    Wow. This forum never ceases to surprise me. Im more of an African fan myself but man thats a nice fish mate. I must admit i Google search most of the fish mentioned on here (especially Americans and tangs) and i haven't come across this species before. Hope you find some and whack some pics on here.
  4. Snaus

    African Stocking Question

    Personally i wouldn't be adding any more fish but if you did you may need to consider an upgrade of your canister. It comes down to personal preference and the happiness of the fish as to whether its too much or not.
  5. Snaus

    I.D please

    The top right one is a dragon blood.
  6. Snaus

    Electric yellow, is she holding

    Looks like it to me.
  7. Snaus

    Which Flowerhorn??

    Personally i like the bottom one but the top one better describes what you are looking for. Good luck choosing one.
  8. Hi Tozman. Welcome to the cichlid world. I recommend New Life Spectrum or hikari cichlid gold. Both decent foods. As far as the bloodworms go ive heard mixed opinions about them. Ive never fed my mbuna with it and they have grown well. Good luck with the hobby.
  9. Snaus

    hunter pets is closing down now

    They are open now. In the bing lee and McDonald's area on the highway.
  10. Snaus

    hunter pets is closing down now

    Is there many members on here nearby to hunter pets. Im about 15mins away and always looking for new fish to stock my tank. Im not on FB so i rely on Gumtree and LFS's which aren't exactly thriving with decent/appropriate fish.
  11. Snaus

    hunter pets is closing down now

    Hi yanke. I would say that Pet Quarters moving in 500m up the road hasn't helped them. Seems like their fish room has gone backwards in the last few months imo.
  12. Snaus

    Lombardoi female to male

    this was a good one of the two batches.
  13. Snaus

    Lombardoi female to male

    Now for the 2nd batch of three females. As you can see not as yellow as the first lot but a couple of months younger. Will post a pic in a fortnight or so and see the difference.
  14. Snaus

    Lombardoi female to male

    Third fish from original trio
  15. Snaus

    Lombardoi female to male

    Two of the fish from original trio. Fish on the left is the original male.