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  1. Tretocephalus breeding question

    Yeah a display tank at home, just a interest since I have a pair of trets and she is laying eggs, and if they if it was successful yeah i will definetly get the fry out into another tank. Any chance the male could be infertile?
  2. Tretocephalus breeding question

    Well not sure if eggs are fertile, unless make is shooting blanks. quite hard to split my 4ft tank with towel. My lights are on late evening til about 10pm each day and they do hide in their cave. Tank mostly tangs and they have claimed their area so all other fish know not to go near.
  3. Hey Guys Anyone bred trets here before? Ive got a pair and I can see they have laid eggs on the rocks and cave in my 4ft tank however after a couple days later they seem to eat them all for some reason. This has happened numerous times already. Anyone know why? John
  4. I think I've done it, I've isolated the female in a net hatchery for about a month, until the male finally accepted her, at first he tried bashing her from outside the net after a while he gave up. After I release her hatchery the the male leaves her alone and at times both swim together. Maybe its luck but she aint getting bashed like before
  5. Hi All I've had 2 males Trets in a 4ft setup for a while so decided to chance my arm and get a female hoping a pair will form and breed but one of the male just wants to rough her up to the point now I have to cage her for her own safety as she was all ripped up. The other males is fine keeps to himself in the other end just one males comes looking even when she in the cage. So is there something that can be done?