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  1. Cuprisorb

    Nah i haven't mate but i haven't tried anything either to be honest. Ill be moving all my tanks to my fish room in a few months once setup and the whole tank and driftwood will be getting a strip down while the fish will go into their new home. New wood no substrate lots of caves etc. So not fussed at the moment.
  2. Aulonocara Mamelela not eating

    Moving him from the sump to the quarantine probably stressed it out again. Give him somewhere to hide in the quarantine and dont run a light etc so he can try and get used to he's new environment. Give it a few days than try some brine or bloodworms to tempt him into eating them try you dried food. Should come good. Fish can go a fair while without eating. So dont stress yo much.
  3. Eye injury

    Yeah I agree with ducksta clean water is usually more then enough to clean up minor wounds and salt will speed up the healing process and help stop any infection.
  4. Lichnochromis acuticeps colouring up

  5. Cuprisorb

  6. Cuprisorb

    I havent got MTS this time thank God but I've got whirlpool red horn snails is the closest I can find to any description on Google. They are literally the size of a tick and are everywhere and have the same look as red horns or rams but no colour and smaller. Look terrible. I just want them out so I can put shrimp in with my BN and move the loaches to the tank that has my other.
  7. Cuprisorb

    Yeah like i said it worked for me. But if its case by case i might try the salt. Abit of messing around removing all the fish etc but if it keeps the cycle etc im happy to do it. Just reef salt or table salt? Be great if it works quickly and a couple big water changes and its back to fresh. Over these snails really annoying lol
  8. Cuprisorb

    Ive used kusuri wormer to wipe out MTS in a tank years ago. Im unsure if it has any copper in it? Or is it another compund in the wormer that kills the snails. The tank has my peppermint BN in it and im putting shrimp in it aswell only put loaches in for the snails. Ive used kusuri with BN before aswell with no issues. Cuprisorb states that it will remove from substrate as well but i have no experience with it. I mights be able to move the BN out into another tank and do the salt treatment. Wonder what salinity i would need to wipe these snails.
  9. Cuprisorb

    Has anyone used this after dosing their tank with copper? Ive got a tank of peps and the snails are out of hand even with loaches in the tank. Would like to add say kusuri wormer or some snail rid and wipe the snails then add shrimp (once removing the loaches) but dont wanna kill the inverts with traces of copper still in the water. Says 2 weeks then should be fine. Interested to hear peoples thoughts.
  10. Spacing

    What spacing does everyone have between their shelves on their pallet racking? Biggest tank that will be on my racks will be 2ft tall. Whats a good working height area.
  11. Pseudotropheus Polit

    Sort of the reason i want to get these from my mate. The males are stunning and if lost it would be ashame. I dont have the connetion you have to them. I cant say that i "love" them in the way i do other species but they seem to be getting harder to find. Thought if i got some and were able to breed and get some fry growing id be able to move easy and help restock them within the hobby. Ill possibly still get them and just raise a few batches of fry and see how i go with moving them on and if i cant atleast ive still got a cool fish im my garage. What ratios do you have mate? Im unsure what my mate has i think he said he had 6 in total with fry so im guessing ill get a less then ideal ratio to begin with.
  12. Pseudotropheus Polit

    Are these sought after in the hobby? Ive been thinking of buying some from a mate whos wanting out of the hobby but he has found it hard to move fry on. He doesn't really travel to major cities like newcastle or sydney to try and sell and i seem to go there abit. Be nice if i knew i could move fry on before taking them on.
  13. Brine shrimp and fronts

    Yeah they are getting some size females range from about 12cm to about 23cm and the male is about 32cm so yeah. Still settling in i had to move them from a standard 6fter they shared with other fish to my 4x2x2 by themselves. My 6fter sprung a leak friday. Was not happy.
  14. Brine shrimp and fronts

    Ive got hikari gold, dainichi, sera discus which i found the really condition my geos and haps well and frozen brine. I have been mixing the dainichi and hikari gold when i feed because both the previous ownera fed hikari but i usually buy dainichi lol so trying to ween them onto my staple for my fish. I like feeding the brine just wasn't sure if its a good treat or something that can be feed abit more regular. Was going to try them on some cooked prawns as well. Get them nice and fat and hopefully they will start breeding for me.
  15. Brine shrimp and fronts

    Wondering if brine is ok a couple times a week? I have access to mysis as well. Abit of conflicting info on line about what holds more nutritional value and hoe often is ok to feed. I understand they can get hooked if feed to much. Ive never really offered frozen to any of my fish so abit unsure. Cheers people