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  1. Where is everyone

    I dont think so i just ment the many forums for cichlids that are on there may have taken over these types of forums.
  2. Where is everyone

    Have been thinking the same thing myself mate. Maybe facebook has taken over the forum side of things more so? This place use to be full of sales and advice but has definitely slowed down in the past 12 months.
  3. NSWCS October Major Auction

    Would love to be pointed in their direction mate if you know of any for sale.
  4. NSWCS October Major Auction

    Good luck with the maisoni reefs ive had a male for nearly 2 years now and haven't been able to source fry let alone females unfortunately.
  5. NSWCS October Major Auction

    what date is it? Ill have my other 6x2x2 ready by then wouldnt mind some tropheous and some gobies. Or some reshas or mdoka white lips haha not fussy.
  6. Fish room.

    Got the pump and ran the loop last week. Was noisy using a ball valve as a bleed off so i didnt back feed the pump so used a dif breather off a 60t dump truck to quiet it up abit lol.
  7. Mutual Assistance /Help??

    Cant believe no one has hit you up thommo. To bad your not up Forster way could of saved me alot of money setting up my room. Hope someone comes up with the goods to help keep you in the hobby and to also help them out. Best of luck mate.
  8. Fish room.

    So im setting up my fish room/racks at the moment and in the past 2 weeks ive been given off other hobbyists 2 different air pumps. My fish room will be run completely off air so side drops and sponge filters. Large rack and smaller racks consists of. 2x 6x2x2 3x 4x2x2 2x 4x18x18 2x 2x2x2 4x 10g tanks 2 or 3 standard 3fters. In the furture may be a few other small tanks. The 2 pumps i have been given are a resun lp100 with spare diaphragms, also a jecod/jebao PA series air pump 100L/min 65w. Was wondering what one will i get the best longevity out of? Or am i better keeping them as spares and buying an Aqua One O2 Plus 12000 they are rated at 110LPM. Thanks for the input. Cheers.
  9. Well i got my 1st spawn from these guys. Pretty happy about that. Just going to leave the male in there and see what happens with the 1st spawn and if i get a few survivors well that will be good if i dont so be it. After awhile once i work out temperaments of both male and female ill do what i have to, to ensure a better survival rate. As for now just enjoying the fish and enjoying the hobby. Cheers.
  10. Blackworm culture

    How does everyone setup their blackworm cultures? What maintenance do you do? What do you feed them? Was going to put them in a small tote with some gravel or sand and run a small sponge filter and use some algae wafers to feed them. Using some old tank water as i read they dont like dechlorinator.
  11. Got a pair of apistogramma after wanting some for a very long time. I got a male and female and are hoping they will pair up in the near future and breed. Really enjoying them so far lots of personality and love watching them sift sand after i feed some baby brine.
  12. Lighting

    Yeah doesn't put great lighting out though really ive made lights from it before using pvc rain guttering and end caps and reflective tape and lengths of 25mm pvc and you wrap it around. The lights initially started off good but the moisture and condensation and splash ups seems to take its affect on them ive found.
  13. Lighting

    Whats everyone suggest to light a 3 shelf pallet racking each rack will have a 6x2x2 and a 4x2x2 on them. So 10ft of tank. Buying individual led light bars seems expensive when the rack doesn't exactly need to be lit anyway. Would just like it as i work 12 hour days so leave in the dark and get home in the dark. Still like to inspect and watch my fish each day though. Cheers people.
  14. Cuprisorb

    Nah i haven't mate but i haven't tried anything either to be honest. Ill be moving all my tanks to my fish room in a few months once setup and the whole tank and driftwood will be getting a strip down while the fish will go into their new home. New wood no substrate lots of caves etc. So not fussed at the moment.
  15. Aulonocara Mamelela not eating

    Moving him from the sump to the quarantine probably stressed it out again. Give him somewhere to hide in the quarantine and dont run a light etc so he can try and get used to he's new environment. Give it a few days than try some brine or bloodworms to tempt him into eating them try you dried food. Should come good. Fish can go a fair while without eating. So dont stress yo much.