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  1. Hey Chuck what lighting do you use? Looks great!
  2. I've got K1 in my sump and am having trouble supplying enough air to make it fluid. I have tried some powerheads with not much success, and like the idea of sticking with oxygen to move things about. I currently have an Aqua One 9500, but it doesn't seem to have the beans needed. The pump needs to be almost silent as the tank is in the main living room. Suggestions?
  3. 3ft tall if a great looking display tank, but a royal PIA to work with. You will need a step ladder for everything and even then, won't be able to reach in a pick something up off the bottom.
  4. I recently went through this with a 5x2x2.5 over floating floor boards. Approx 1 tonne once sump and rock are accounted for. For me, the money spent to provide reinforcement was easily justifiable and only took a few hours to cut and put in place and job done I ended up adding an extra 4 joists under the tank, and put in an addition set of bearers between the two pile ons. Total cost for $120 and that was for LVLs. I also went to the local recycling centre and picked up 4 adjustable floor jacks for $15 which I was going to put under the bearers. Point is, if you can get under the house and look, it's not an expensive exercise to provide you with some piece of mind.
  5. Cheers mate - I'll do the 1.5 -->1 Also, my plumbing setup underneath will be split into three filter socks. Plumbing under the tank from the bulkead will be 1". Do you think I would still get full siphone splitting into three sections?
  6. Yep, turns out my drilled hole is 42mm and the new bulkhead I got was 48mm, although it was labelled 42mm! Back to the drawing board. With a 42mm hole, by the time the bulkhead is in, and the standpipe installed, the diameter of the standpipe is just under 1". I was really hoping for at least a 1.25 or 1.5" standpipe. I'm concerned that my tank is pretty big (650L) and my return pump is a fluval SP4 (7500L/H). From my reading, a 1" standpipe on full siphone will only flow approx 2500L/H. Would there be any merit in having a 1.5" standpipe, reducing to 1" through the bulkhead and then back to 1.5" piping?
  7. Return pump is 7500l/h. I went to an irrigation store today and found a bulk head with no reduction in size, so 1.5" all the way through now.
  8. Question for those with sumps, I've got 1.5 inch holes drilled, but when the bulk head is installed the standpipe and outlet to sump taper down to 1". Are there any bulkheads available that allow for a larger diameter inlet and outlet? It's a bit too late to drill bigger holes and I thought 1.5inch would have been plenty! Cheers
  9. Another media question ... How do I setup the mechanical section? I've seen lots of people use the white polishing wool as the first contact layer and then course foam underneath. I'm confused as I thought you would go course to fine - ie the polishing layer as the last layer before it hits the biological section. Any tips on where to get filter foam/wool? My lfs is super expensive.
  10. I'm going for a very low to quiet setup. Noise for me is an issue and that was my hesitation about using air. I could go and get a powerful airpump, but the noise would be a constant issue. I've ordered two wavemakers to move things around. The outer cage should work well enough to prevent K1 from being sucked in, and allow enough water flow to the impeller so it can do it's job. After looking back at my setup, my tank builder thinks I have 'too much' filtration Filter wool --> 10kg ceramic noodles --> 3litres of marine pure ---> 50 litres of K1
  11. What sized power head are they and how do you have them setup?
  12. That's what I was thinking too...two of them to disrupt the flow?
  13. Tank dimensions are sorted. I was lucky enough to have my builder make the sump a little larger to accommodate the extra chambers required. As I'll be running 50 litres K1, I'm after a super quiet air pump that will push the media around. What do people recommend?
  14. Ok so time has come to provide the tank builder with dimensions for my sump! The sump is 3ft long and as this is my first design, I want to make sure I allow enough room for my media and return pump. I have 50L of K1 - what space should I allow for this?What is the minimum recommended space for the return pump?Chamber 1 - inlet/mechanical Chamber 2 - ceramic noodles/marine pure (10kg combined) Chamber 3 - K1 50 litres Chamber 4 - return pump/heater(?) pump is Fluval SP4 This is the standard design the builder has sent me. I will need to add another chamber as this doesn't accommodate accommodate room for K1 and 10kg of ceramic noodles. Help with rough dimensions would be really appreciated!
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