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  1. Thanks Jason, what fish are you keeping? mic
  2. Hi all, Its good to see natural selection in our aquariums alive and well. I have 3 males 1 being dominant and so on and so on. Male 1 is slightly smaller than male 2 because of here's nest building and breeding all the time. Last week, male 1 and 2 had a fight for the best location in the tank both evenly match nothing changed, today they fought again and male 2 was the victor. Male1 had here's 9 month run at the top and now he is in 3rd spot. Its great to see all these day to day struggles our fish have to do in there lives. You can see the dominant c.foai in my YouTube link https://youtu.be/qpF86sI1C-Y hope you enjoyed my small piece of tanganyika which goes on in our homes all the time. Cheers Mic
  3. Thanks aqc, that has cleared up a lot, Nkondwe. Thanks for the wonderful pictures, you must have had an amazing time diving in the lake. Thank you Mic
  4. I feel your pain, it's a hard choice especially being the last import.
  5. Link2hell, it could be kekese or nkondwe island...what does everyone think. Mic
  6. Buccal,i know it's not Grants fault it's definitely a German mistake. Anyway i was reading featherfin in their natural habitat last night and i come across a pictures of some foai nkondwe island Tanzania, what does everyone think it is very close your thoughts please. Mic
  7. I bought them of grant and they were on his import list and i think are still on his list.
  8. Thanks Jason, yeah the smallest tank i had for foai is a 4x2 as well and i had 10 in their. happy fish keeping.
  9. It's obvious that you have an idea please share it with the forum. Thanks
  10. I am pleased with my fish, just would have thought that today with all the information out there books and the web that we can get it right for a change.
  11. That was on grants import list,so who's right and who is wrong, i just dont know, there's to much confusion between foai and furcifer these days. Thanks
  12. Hi all, just wondering how many c.furcifer magara can i put in a 1000l tank i have 12 already with 12 cyps. I know they are very territorial when spanwing. Heres a link of my male https://youtu.be/qpF86sI1C-Y Thanks Mic75
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