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  1. bitrusty

    Tropheus not surviving

    Try cutting back on the amount that you feed each time you may be overfeeding they will eat too much if given the chance.
  2. bitrusty

    Orange Head Geo with tetras in planted tank?

    Orange heads will be fine with tetras but they will uproot your plants every day.You may be able to have them if you establish your plants first though.
  3. bitrusty

    how much weight can i put on a floating floor?

    Floating floors are good as long as you take the right precautions as in getting water off it as soon as possible.Carpet is the same they all have their pros and cons the real timber floating floors are the best in my opinion(this is what i have in my fish room ).As for cutting out around the stand You can adjust most circular saws to cut only 5 or 6 mm deep to do the main cutting out and just a jigsaw to cut the remaining few cms near the wall
  4. bitrusty

    how much weight can i put on a floating floor?

    I totally agree with Waz on this one.I lay floating floors and i went with what Waz said cut around the stand.Also make sure that you mop up any water that you spill on it straight away or this stuff will blow up with water.
  5. bitrusty

    serial sev killer

    hey Toges how are ya been?I got rid of her and same thing happened to the guy that took her. Mate you know me im on my knees at work and at home.
  6. bitrusty

    serial sev killer

    hi guys just wondering if any of you have any idea what is happening to my old severum female.OK now my sister got this female severum to go with her male and a few days after they spawned her got sick with pop eye and died few days later.So then she gave it to me to put in my 6 ft tank and 3 times she spawned with another sev few days later same thing happened and one of them was a female now i have given her to a mate and it has just happened again.She is fine and a nice looking fish does anyone have any ideas? cheers russ
  7. bitrusty

    lumpy severum

    i have just recieved a pair of gold severums from my sister that were being neglected.The male has a red and whitish lump growing on its right gill.i only have crappy phone pics as camera is busted.its been in my tank for a month and no change i have tried salt have you guys any ideas on what is or treatments please?ph is 6.8,and other water parameters are good they are in with some eartheaters which are all trying to breed i need help http://www.flickr.com/photos/61157603@N00/]My Webpage
  8. bitrusty

    upside down corys

    hi guys i need help with 2 bronze corys about a week ago i found one laying upside down and looked dead when i went to catch him he swam away.he is now ok but now the other one is doing it.they are in a 2*18*18 with 4 rainbows 2 albino corys,4 sterbai and 2 albino bn.all seam ok except for these 2.water is 6.8 with w/c every week what could be wrong cheers russ
  9. bitrusty

    Can my floor support my tank - Update w/ pictures

    sorry mate yeah my whole floor sank,so i had to jack it up and put piers under each joist so it was kinda like the legs went right through to the ground.was easy for me but it was external wall
  10. bitrusty

    Can my floor support my tank - Update w/ pictures

    hi jon i had a 6*2*2 across 5 joists and my floor still bowed.i had a flat bottom and made the stand so that every joist had a leg on it to disperse the weight.i ended up crawling under the house and putting 4*4 joists under each joist with a small concrete pad under that.in my opinion it just aint worth the risk of having that much water come out all over your floor.but in saying that it might not bow in years maybe even ever depends on how solid your house is cheers russ
  11. bitrusty


    hey guys can you help me?i just checked on my fish and one of my female frontys is upside down on the bottom of the tank.she is swimming like this is it a swim bladder thing?help cheers russ
  12. bitrusty

    fishroom plumbing

    thanks guys chhers russ
  13. bitrusty

    fishroom plumbing

    the guy at the shop said just the last hose dont have a stone on it just leave it in the tank so i dont get back pressure cheers russ
  14. bitrusty

    fishroom plumbing

    hi guys im setting up a rack of tanks tomorrow and i am running the tanks off a lp 60 pump and was wondering if its better too run the piping in a circuit or to have an open end cheers russ
  15. bitrusty

    Fry Rearing Aquariums

    mate i have bare bottom tanks for fry and it makes is so much easier to clean and for fry to find the food.i also omly use ice cream filters in my tanks if they are are a bit hard to raise i throw in some purigen into the filters dont loose many fry at all cheers russ