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  1. Hi all, I recently purchased a pair of brichardi and one has gotten sick. I went to the lfs to get my water tested and ph was little low (7.0) and nirates were also high, but have been able to kinda fix that with frequent water changes and kh buffer. After that fish started eating again and looked like it was going to recover, but today i noticed he was not eating again and was getting bullied by other fish. (Only have the pair in this tank and the other fish is fine.) Can someone please help me out ive research a bunch on the internet but have not been able to diagnose it, any help would be much appreciated. Todays water parameters- - pH =8.0 - Temp = 26c - NH3 = 0 - NO2 = 0 - NO3 = 20ppm Here are some photos i took today. (i think the torn fins was from the other fish attacking it so i have him separated)
  2. Welcome to the forums david123 :)

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