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  1. So now my other fish 'Digger' has developed a small white spot on his left eye. He's also pretty old (seven or eight years) but is in a tank on his own. Ph, Hardness, Ammonia, and Nitrate levels all good. What am I missing to have two old resilient fish develop the same eye condition????? Separate tanks shared cleaning equipment. From what I can tell he can still see. He's always been grumpy but this year he has had enough. Only comes out to dig another nest after I move his rock or the occasional feed. Never comes out when the tv is on. Is happy to come out and spend time with me in the dead of night when everything is quiet. No I'm not on pot.
  2. Hi Andrew. Yes I know what your saying. He was on his own. I can't explain how he became sick other than his age, he went blind and maybe damaged himself because sometimes he would panic, swim around bumping into the glass. Anyway I have drained the tank and will start again at some stage. I think 7 years was a pretty good effort.
  3. Hey Matt. I think your rite. A complete clean up. Its just annoying we spend so much time maintaining the tank to have to start again. Good thing is I get a new fish. I was thinking about a single male buccochromis lepturus.
  4. So people may be familiar with some of my posts regarding a blind aging mbuna. His condition deteriorated over the last few months and I eventually put him down. After seven years his time had come. He was the only fish I had in this tank for years. I believe his illness, infected eyes, fin rot and bloating was due to his age rather than water condition. I maintain my tanks very well and check all the important water conditions. The fact he lived for seven years is testimony to that. The question I have now is what to do with the tank? Its clean, water conditions are spot on and I imagine it has a good biological system. Do I add new fish as it is? Should I drain all the water, clean everything and start again? Obviously I don't want to add fish to the tank if there is possible disease. Suggestion welcome.
  5. Thanks Matt. Don't worry I wont hold you responsible if he dies lol. When you have a fish for so long you kind of get attached. Interesting that I found a few comments suggesting this medication doesn't work with a ph above 7.5. That would mean it's ineffective in a well kept African tank. Also interesting that from my point of view there isn't any clear information about treating sick fish. Sort of I did this I did that, we recommend this we recommend that. I will just keep trying to do what I think is best but always open to suggestions. Thanks Mate
  6. Hi Matt. I have a fish that went blind at the start of the year. Just the slight hint of whiteness in his eyes but it became obvious that he had become blind due to his behavior. See my other post 'blind fish'. He's about 6/7 years old. I always look after his tank and the water parameters have been good from what I can test. Nitrate, Ammonia, Ph, and Hardness. Was always happy and healthy. Since I noticed his eyes where unhealthy I have been doing extra water changes and all the things generally recommended. Now his eyes have become swollen. Popeye? I don't really know. I don't understand how he has an infection because I try my best to keep him happy. That's not to say I have not done something wrong. I used the medication on the advice of the aquarium (whom where adamant that it was water quality). I think he's just getting old. The medication has knocked him around but he's doing ok. I don't want to re dose. I'm thinking when the medication in the water cleans up a bit I might try to reduce the swelling with epsom salts Any ones opinion or advice is welcome.
  7. This morning the tank has become very red. I have been cleaning up some of the scum and doing small gradual water changes. Fish is still swimming however he's staying low in the tank in the corner.
  8. Thanks Chris. I have found various information suggesting 24, 48, and 72 hour treatment times. Then a partial water change and re-dose. After adding the medication the tank has become quite red and my fish (only mabuna in a three foot tank) seems very unhappy. He wont eat, only moves around the bottom of the tank in one corner. My plan has been cleaning up some of the scum from the water surface and adding a bit of fresh water. See what happens over the next 24 hours but at this stage I think another dose may kill him.
  9. Been spending some extra time with my fish Due to covid lock down. Want to share this fish with you. He is an amazing digger. All this fish does is build nests. He doesn't stop. If I move his rock within a few hours he has dug another nest and continues to refine it without rest, sadly waiting for the mate he will never have. Hes to aggressive so has to be on his own but he is one of my favorite fish I have owed. He's about six years old now. Poor boys still a virgin lol
  10. Hello people Can any one provide more information on how long to treat my fish with Aquari-cycline. The instructions tell me 1 tablet per 20lts I can not find information on how long before a water change or if I need to re-dose Any advice would be appreciated
  11. I guess if he seems healthy then its ok? You can see the white that has developed in his eyes.
  12. Hello. I have a male mabuna I have kept for at least six years. The last six months it has become obvious he's gone blind. Some whitening around the outside of his eyes however I don't think its because of any illness. I try and maintain my tanks and think that him becoming blind is just a result of age or bad luck. Hes always been healthy, has a three foot tank to himself and continues to look healthy and is always hungry. I have taught him food is available when i gently tap the glass and he does his best to swim to the tapping noise and inhale what he can. I guess I am wondering if anyone else has looked after a blind fish and has any advice. Thanks Photo of him as a young boy lol
  13. So...... I have a big problem lol I have about 60 baby fish. I guess I better post in the classified section.
  14. Now counting four pregnant fish. Why are they so crazy? Fighting and mating. Have they just matured? They are all about a year old. There getting big and I suspect I might have some problems keeping them in such a small (3foot) tank.
  15. I have three females now looking like they have eggs and one very angry male lol
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