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  1. bobby

    Need advice

    They are in a 6x2x2 footer... They have been in the tank for the last two years.. They are eating pellots.. No shrimp... I wish i could up load a photo but the camera is not working... Where can i get the medication to treat them from? cheers
  2. bobby

    Need advice

    Hello all I was hoping to ask for anyone's help and advise. I have a colony of frontoza they are young and a few of them are extremely bloated. What can I do to save them as I have lost one.. I have never seen this before? Is this common with frontoza? any advise would be appreciated as to what I should do.. cheers
  3. bobby

    Need advice

    great thanks for the advice team much appreciated... I think I will be pickin up somne clown loaches... cheers
  4. bobby

    Need advice

    Hi all I was hoping to ask if anyone new how to effectivelly treat a tank that has alot of snails in it? The tank is a community tank with tropical fish such as silver sharks and neons... etc Where and how do I start? cheers
  5. bobby

    how to post picture on the forum

    Joel... your a legend ... thanks heaps for the info will try my best.. cheers
  6. Hello all i have tried and tired and i dont know hoe to do it.. How do you post picture on the forum.. ? cheers
  7. bobby

    Lamprologus Tretacephalus

    Thank you every body for your comments and knowledge i really appreciate it. Merry xmas.
  8. bobby

    Lamprologus Tretacephalus

    Thanks everyone for there comments. Will they still pair off at 6cm? And what would be a resonable price for them at that size? How old do u think they would be at that size? Also what is the Trets how do they look like? Cheers
  9. Hello all? Does anyone know anything about this species "Lamprologus Tretacephalus"? How much they are worth? How they breed? Cheers..