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  1. Of course my first breeding cichlid Aulonocara Stuartgranti Ngara! Beauty of the lake And the fry were no let down! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Dunno if your still looking, but Rob's aquarium store in Malaga had Melongeny's on the w/e from their latest import.

  3. When you say return, can I put a small one of these in a a bucket of treated water and pump it into my tank? Are there any 1200lph ones, because I want to pump my 20 litre bucket into the tank, within a minute, to make changed super fast! And yes I know that power will blast in, but if I put a T junction on the end of the hose it might just work fine!
  4. Peppermint bristlenose... Both hybridised? Shoot some picks sound very interesting!
  5. Buccal that's for like massive tanks and ponds, trying to obtain the right amount for say 20L well I hope you have a masters in all maths!
  6. I have dreams like this! I'm 14...
  7. Sorry if I'm stealing the spotlight... My bristle nose changes from brown to patches of yellow. Is that normal. They are quite unique pleco's aye!
  8. You can still have the buffer dripping in as well, try to source a liquid buffer, once it is set up should work like a God. If that doesn't tickle your fancy that's fine. Just saying I know you might keep you're water pristine, BUT (this is a big but!) disease can always destroy a system so don't be too sure! I have no idea what you mean by what system do you use for the drum! Do you mean what filter? You are better off setting up a sump to do all of this, it's much easier and works a treat you just need two pond filters one inlet and one outlet! Someone else can jump on and help I'm not the Einstein when it comes to sumps!
  9. The first thing you need to think about is disease, if one tank has it so do all the others. Sounds like the system should work perfectly, I would have the water constantly draining 50ml per hour or something like that and have a drip system that drips 50ml per hour this small amount of chlorine shouldn't effect the bacteria or any natural organisms. Calculate the total volume of all the tanks and make the system change 25% weekly by using the drip system. It's a bit more complicated but if someone helps you out it will be worth it.
  10. Just use a normal hose none of that nonsense on the end, then suck from the out end to get the siphon going! It is much more powerful and concentrated so you have accuracy and power!
  11. Well unfortunately tangs aren't the best with importing but compared to malawi it's great! But I need some Enantiopus sp.Kilesa I'm in WA they are almost extinct here and I don't like shipping fish! Apparently there is some "red line" around WA cost more or something stupid! I would love the government to allow us to take in species that aren't a problem but some other species that look similar are, and be able to import them sign some papers and get an extreme inspection then allow them, with this we could have plenty more species without worrying about damaging our natural waterways/systems! Even if there is a small fine to bring them in, seriously Australia are just too lazy!
  12. Do you think we could get more cichlids that should be legal (they have fish that look like them that will ruin the systems) and ask for a professional inspection?
  13. Just wondering if pseudotropheus galanos Mbenji would be a legal import I can't find them on any list! So if someone else can let me know!
  14. ok cool, anything else I should know? Thanks for all this help! Sorry for stealing all this time off you haha!
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