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  1. BlackGhost

    Pair of Festae's Courting

    I must admit i have now got a fond spot for that female. Awesome colours on her better than the males i think. But he is still a big sexy fish. Congrats good luck with them mate.
  2. BlackGhost


    Nice fish mate. Pics are a bit blurry but better than i can ever do lol.
  3. BlackGhost

    Sick Cichlasoma tetracanthus

    The white feces and bloated stomach does seem like an internal parasite plus a bit of fungus here and there. Ok to treat this is what i would do: 1. Increase temperature to around 28C many parasites cant stand temps that high. 2. In turn increase airation s(ignificantly). 3. Continue the promethysul treatment. 4. Drop the melafix becasue it is very similar to prometh but i think prometh is far better. And possibly para-cide and sterazin it is a bit of a medicine cocktail. (but this is at your discreation it is up to you.) 5. How do you clean the gravel every week if you only do water changes once a fortnight? With that Undergravel there will need to be a 30% water change each week if possible. Any updates keep us posted. Good luck!
  4. BlackGhost

    Female Festae in full breeding colours!

    WoW WAZ great fish. And once again bloody awesome pics you have come up with. Thats nuts he smashed through the glass divider. i wish i could just ripp out spare 6 foot tanks lol.
  5. BlackGhost

    What type of pleco is this?

    No doutb a common pleco. Just like the one in our display tank at owrk.
  6. BlackGhost

    Saratoga Jardini *Pic*

    Sexy toga you have there mate!
  7. BlackGhost

    Clown with a difference

    I wish i had a pic of my clownie. It has a spot on either side. A perfect round spot between its stripes about 1.5cm in diameter. I thought that was a really cool pattern for a clownie so i took him home from work! lol
  8. BlackGhost

    Saratoga info

    Umm transistor. A Jardini Likes his pH at about 6.5. water mediums hardness. at work we have a 6 x 2 x 2 tank with a jardini and 5 archers (one a primitive archer), one black bream, coal grunter (bubbles), murry cod, 3 silver scats, 2 red scats, 5 eelstails cat fish, 2 silver monos. they are more compatible than most people make out.
  9. BlackGhost

    my new fish

    Ide watch out the looks of an eels mouth can be very deciving. Same as BGK. but ide keep an eye on the eels. Not really alot of eels come out durin the day and are quite active. Keep him well feed and you grunters should be safe
  10. BlackGhost

    Fish Prices

    not really im up in byron and during winter the temps get around 0-5. No pleco or gibby could withstand that.
  11. BlackGhost

    Taronga Zoo Raptors and Friends!

    They have some nice bird in that show dont they. I use to do volentery work at Taronga great fun. That is an awesome pic of the harbour some thing you would see on a postcard.
  12. BlackGhost

    Gold spot Plec

    Nice little fellow how big only small looks like. They loose their colour a bit as they get bigger dont they? Good find.
  13. BlackGhost

    Frontosa pics

    Tell your mate he has some really sexy fronnies. how long he had them for. ... nice
  14. BlackGhost

    Update for MoliroMan

    WoW nice colony you have mate keep up the good work!
  15. BlackGhost

    off topic

    Cool skylines have to be one of my favs good to see they all get to togther somethimes. Like us fish nerds lol