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  1. Hi Momo,

    Do you have Seachem Cichlid Lake Salt available?



  2. Dainichi

    Hi Guys, Does anyone have any feedback on the Ultima Krill and Veggie Deluxe? I'm currently feeding my haps and peacocks the Colour FX a few times a week and they love it. Just finished the last of my New Era Red & Green and want to try something different. I found the New Era creating a lot of cloudiness in the water. Cheers Peter
  3. Fussorochromis Rostratus

    Thanks for the feedback Buccal. At the moment I think he is pretty happy cruising around the mid to top water most of time, except for feeding where he doesn't care who is in his way. Hopefully he stay's that way. Your combination would look pretty awesome.
  4. Fussorochromis Rostratus

    Hi Guys, Just letting you know that I picked up a Rostratus (approximately 18cm's) around a month ago and he has settled nicely. He is now coloured up and has caused no issues with aggression or bullying. If anything he get's occasionally harassed by my Mkoda White Lips and Dragon Blood Peacock. Thanks JPM1976 for Rostratus. Cheers Peter
  5. Dexion Racking

    Hi Nick, Give Colby racking a call, they are located in Belrose. Cheers Peter
  6. Fussorochromis Rostratus

    Thanks for the reply Ged. It is an all male display tank. Saying that there is around 4 fish that I think are female, they will be removed eventually. I have an FX6 and air running the tank. Cheers Peter
  7. Fussorochromis Rostratus

    Hi Simy696, I currently have the following - Chilotilapia Rhoadesii, VC10, Mkoda White Lip, Electra, Phenochilus Tanzania, Gissel, Strigatus, Azureas, Kadango, Red Empress, Taiwan Reef, Spots Sani and around 6 or 7 different peacocks. Cheers Peter
  8. Fussorochromis Rostratus

    Hi Guys, I currently have around 40 haps and peacocks in a 6x2x2.5ft tank. Fish size ranges from around 6cm to 15cm. I am thinking of adding a Rostratus to my collection, do you think this is a good idea? Thanks Peter
  9. GoPro Under Water Malawi Hap/Peacock

    Thanks Jarrod.
  10. GoPro Under Water Malawi Hap/Peacock

    Hi Jarrod, Nice video. You have some pretty healthy looking fish, what do you feed them? Cheers Peter
  11. Filtration

    Thanks Chuckmeister & Ged. My tank is 6x2x2.5 which is around 850L, minus the rocks and substrate guessing 750L's of water. I was thinking around 45 fish would be my max. After reading the advice you have both given me, I will add the fish, do my weekly water changes and monitor the water. I have already got a Schego air pump running 3 airstones. As for running the pipes over the edge, it could be done with some modification to the hood and lids (I would rather no go down this road). I think I might be reading a bit to much info on the net instead of enjoying my fish. Thanks Again Peter
  12. Filtration

    Ged, I'm pretty sure they are classed as 32mm as the hole in the base of the tank is 38mm.
  13. Filtration

    Thanks Ged. Both filters will be FX6's.
  14. Filtration

    Thanks Guys, I was thinking of running the filters separately, by fitting a t-piece to the same intake and outlet bulk head. The only reason for this is I want to increase my stock and want some insurance if the filter fails. To drilling another set off holes in the base or running the second filter over the rim is a lot more work and I don't have another tank to store my fish.
  15. Filtration

    Hi Chuckmeister, I was thinking of fitting a t-piece to the bulk head and running the 2 separate. One of my concerns was 1of the filters starving and not getting enough water flow. Having the 2 of them separate would mean I would always have a back up if 1 failed. Thanks Peter