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  1. LED Lights

    Just a heads up on the AquaSyncro, I had one of these but due to it sitting under a hood it got moisture in the casing and rotted out the electrical rails the pods get power from so only one end of the light works now. I am sure they are fine in the right situation though but it is something to be aware of
  2. Does Plecofanatics still exist?

    Ha ha ha ....... don't google on a work PC ....LOL
  3. Expanding my resume

    Good luck with them mate
  4. Corys dont last long

    Hey What substrate do you have, i am pretty sure gravels or sharp sand can wear of the little barbels around their mouths and it stops them being able to sift around for food...so they starve just a thought
  5. 10x3x2.5ft African Display Tank

    Just amazing to look at Excellent pics and awesome fish
  6. Welcome to the forums Slipshodman :)