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  1. 8x3x2' Reef Tank Journal

    Very interested to watch this one play out.... I have no doubt this will end up being a beautiful tank
  2. Breeding Tank Sponges

    Hi All, Just after some advice I have set up 2 breeding tanks , a 6ft (300 ltr) and 4ft (200 ltr) , i am going to run them off sponges as from what i have read its more cost effective than a canister and creates a hive of food for little fry So my question is i have found 2 types of XY-380 sponges , high flow and not high flow. (Will probably end up getting them from a sponsor but examples below) I believe the sponge size is probably correct but which is better for breeding tanks, the tanks will have a very small layer of sand but no other filters etc I was also going to run two of each in each tank so i can move one to a grow out tank as needed as it wall be already seeded to the fry current environment If i have got it wrong totally also please let me know. All advice is appreciated Cheers Oh and at this stage both thanks will be for Severums as i have two breeding pairs
  3. Proposed laws to make hobbyists register as pet shops

    Wow, how ridiculous Plenty more fish will get dumped into our river systems Dogs and cats into the bush Birds to the sky's etc etc Just because people wont know what to do with them The ecological impacts to our native environments would be huge if this goes ahead
  4. Red Worm Identification please

    Hi Guys and Gals, I have done some googling and searched through the threads here and pretty sure these are totally harmless I found these red worms underneath my magnetic glass cleaner inside the tank (they look red not brown like in the photo) I did a gravel clean and didn't see anymore but i have large rocks etc that i didn't move, the gravel get moved plenty by the texas, sevs and pleco in the tank I don't think i have ever fed blood worms to the tank, I just want to check that these are harmless or if my identification is wrong what I should do Thanks in advance
  5. LED Lights

    Just a heads up on the AquaSyncro, I had one of these but due to it sitting under a hood it got moisture in the casing and rotted out the electrical rails the pods get power from so only one end of the light works now. I am sure they are fine in the right situation though but it is something to be aware of
  6. Does Plecofanatics still exist?

    Ha ha ha ....... don't google on a work PC ....LOL
  7. Expanding my resume

    Good luck with them mate
  8. Corys dont last long

    Hey What substrate do you have, i am pretty sure gravels or sharp sand can wear of the little barbels around their mouths and it stops them being able to sift around for food...so they starve just a thought
  9. 10x3x2.5ft African Display Tank

    Just amazing to look at Excellent pics and awesome fish
  10. Welcome to the forums Slipshodman :)