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  1. Hi All, I am local to the Penrith/Blue Mountains area. Just wondering where you get egg crate for tank dividers, or any DYI tips to make you own with other bits and pieces or other alternatives as dividers. (none of my LFS have egg crate) The tanks are up and running so I cant silicon in perspex, glass and want to be able to take them in/out reasonably easily (and need to do a custom fit on a half round tank as well) Thanks in advance Cheers
  2. Hi @stevo1957 Just offering what i have done to save carrying buckets for the tanks in my lounge room I added a "Y" connector to the cold water line for my washing machine laundry tap, then added an extra tap on one side with garden hose fittings. On the other side connected my washing machine as normal (so the misses was still happy that she didn't have to do anything when someone uses the washing machine) From the garden hose fitting i added a short hose to a small hose reel and made a hook to sit over the edge of my tank.( a couple of pics attached) My largest tank in the lounge room is 6ft and has an FX6 on it so i have a hose connected to the outlet of the FX6 ans switch it over to dump water out, then use the hose from the laundry to fill it back up. I always dose prime before i start filling it back up for the whole tank size, then again about half way through filling as i do 50 to 75 % water changes Just to offer a thought to your plan as with a tap you can totally regulate the flow of water filling up your tank to ensure no temp shock when adding cold water, "low and slow" as they say, with a pump that could be harder to do As for pumping out water from your tank, well gravity should help you out with a long enough hose attached to one of these from a hardware store, that's what i use for my other tanks to dump water out, its just a siphon pump and after you start it gravity does the rest, its only like $5 at a hardware or cheap dollar shop. Everything i got from Bunnings in stainless so no brass fitting to chemically effect the water going into the tank and all up maybe cost me $50 or something like that so could be a lot cheaper than buying a pump and this is basically fail proof, no parts to replace over time, its just plumbing I hope that helps with your ideas Cheers
  3. the AQ-180 has a few of Severums, a dozen small Texas, a pleco and a handful of peacock, yep , break all the rules mixing Africans and Americans lol Another 6fter with a pairk of Texas, two 4 ftrs with Texas pairs, a 3ftr with, well guess what ... a pair of Texas, another 3 ftr with a Texas male that kills everything that goes near it and a couple of 100 ltr tanks , one with Shrimp, another quarantining the last punching bag (female) from my killer Texas and lucky last a Bristlenose/Severum tank... I think thats it ..lol.. I am looking to change things up but just cant seem to get rid of fish once i have them. So the only way is more tanks 😉 I messed with higher PH a while ago but found it was a constant battle and from everything i have read stable PH is better than fluctuating PH
  4. I stopped trusting test kits long ago Just seemed to be no reliability from any of them I had tried (and all over the forums others have had the same issue over time) So now I just stick to my schedule of water changes and watch my fish in between for any unusual behaviour just in case but currently running 8 ,, hang on... I mean nine tanks and haven't had a test kit near them ion a very long time, but that's just me, I am sure there are others that test all the time My nitrates are kept in check with the water changes and the PH is as stable as can be as it is exactly what comes out of my tap, I never try and change that either Just my point of view Cheers
  5. Hey @MattG_Sydney https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Pet-Supplies/Western-Sydney-Aquariums-Custom-Made-Tanks-343341832491243/ Western Sydney Aquariums at Emu Plains has a good rep, well use to so assume they still do , I think the guys name is Steve Might be worth checking them out if you wanted custom. I had the same issue of fitting in with the wifes interior ideas so got a Aqua One Brilliance 180 a couple of years ago, she liked it, i got a new tank...win win..lol... I have swapped out the canister that came with it for an FX6 (by choice, use the Aqua one canister on a 4 ft) nut have had all the small globes in the lighting set up go, only real down side with the tank from my point of view
  6. All great answers from Skippy Particularity about the Pleco, it will grow way to big for a two foot tank and put extreme load on you filter .... just don't do it, you could try just painting or blacking out the sides of the tank with contact to avoid the light getting in
  7. All on Ace Forum, checking whats is going on
  8. Hi All, Looking for Shrimp breeders Penrith area , not as popular as they were a couple of years ago and getting harder to find Any help would be appreciated Cheers
  9. Tough one to deal with I would think swim bladder as well, probably from a fight or something. To be honest i have never had a fish come back from it But in saying that i would give him as long as you can, separate in hospital tank and add salt, feed shelled peas if he eats just in case it is caused by constipation You might be lucky, keep us posted Cheers
  10. Hi Alvon, I am a Fluval guy, FX6 is legendary filter in my mind, it's rock solid, possibly over kill on a 4ft so you could drop back to a FX5 (less flow, less money) I do think it is a bit noisy in respect of the "hum" that you really notice when it turns it self off every 12 hours to purge air (great feature by the way) but having teh external dump line for water changes makes things easy too for simple water changes I haven't had experience with the Eheim's though but have had plenty of other cheaper canisters over the years and all other seem to fail after a couple of years and repairs and replacement parts seem futile due to price on them so you end up just buying another, and another Good luck
  11. welcome back to the hobby, I love oscar's too , great fish Not sure about best tank mates though, keep us posted as you set you tank up
  12. Try your local fish stores, they may take them , may not - you will probably get a bit of store credit or something, that works out ok towards food etc They may not actually give you cash depending though, and i wouldn't do dumbtree for fish either personally, way to much hassle and you never know who you may be bringing to your home And I wouldn't really expect to be making money from them when breeding on a small scale at home , its a catch having breeders when you don't really want fry You could start up another tank with something a little more predatory and wallah , you have a feeder fish colony ... lol... Good luck
  13. I use Hikari in different sizes - float and sink depending for all Cichlids, pretty happy with it to be honest But i do use nutrafin Pleco logs for the my BN and pleco's as they don't fall apart like all other algae wafers i have tried Even my larger cichlids spit them out giving the plecos a chance at eating, everything else i have tried has been smashed before it hits the bottom
  14. Very interested to watch this one play out.... I have no doubt this will end up being a beautiful tank
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