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  1. aymenz

    Identifying some Malawis

    Much appreciated guys, This is actually my tank, I have bought the ob peacocks only for display purpose , already aware of them being hybrids...thanks.
  2. Hi guys, It has been a long time since my last post. I managed to setup a tank while overseas and need some help identifying some of malawis I got in my display tank. Photos are attached, tell me what you think. Thanks
  3. Hi Guys, I had these since they were around 4cm, and I was wondering if anyone can sex them for me from the pictures posted below. I think I have 1 male and 2 females but I may be wrong, so your help is much appreciated. Male???? Female???? Female?? Kind regards, Aymen
  4. aymenz

    My Tangs

    This album contains pictures of my tanganyikans.
  5. aymenz

    Cloudy Water for three months

    Try what is suggested above, also add a either a DIY or purchase a sponge filter... I had similar issues after some water changes and the sponge filter tend to clear it in a couple of hours. Good luck
  6. aymenz

    water changes and fry

    water changes will keep your fish healthy as long as you keep an eye on the temp, PH, amonia and nitrate levels... Do the testing before and then run a test after to check and maitain the same levels... I normally do a 35% water change every week. Aymen
  7. aymenz

    Electric Yellow Death

    the water parameters seem fine, it is big possibility that hr cobalt is the cause of this death , you can try adding some bristlenise catfish as they are pretty tought fellas abd the cobalt will not be able to pick on them. Welcome to the forums anyway. Keep us updared with what is happening.
  8. aymenz

    fish safe pest/bug spray?

    Likewise, excellent product and very safe for your fish
  9. aymenz

    Christmas Fulus

    I am with you on this definitely as there are alot of confusion with Victorians here in AUS... The picture I have posted looks very similar to the last one in the list of the photos you posted.... I did come across a website in which it mentioned something about the colors fading from deep red and yellow to bright red and and yellow when maturing, and that it is all based on the food you are feeding.... The picture of the xmas fulu that you posted under the real xmas fulu can be of the last one you posted in the list of so called xmas fulu companring the colors. Will never get a hand on this, unless we start fresh with a new WC fish imported. Regards, Aymen
  10. aymenz

    Christmas Fulus

    The last picture posted by Mattrox is not of Xmas Fulu based on the information from the site I have posted earlier, rather it is of either a Neochromis rufocaudalis "Makobe Island" (male) or Neochromis rufocaudalis "Saa Nane" (male) where the Saa Nane has more intense blue on the belly part.... The picture I have posted above is of an adult Haplochromis (Xystichromis) sp
  11. aymenz

    Christmas Fulus

    Hi Guys, I have come across this mad page relating to this issue: http://www.african-c...ke_Victoria.htm Check it out and match it with what you currently have in order to determine whether you have a hybrid or not... This is my Xmas Fulu:
  12. aymenz

    Show offs!

    Nice fish kerrin, how many degrees did this wc drop the temp by? And how much was it?
  13. aymenz

    Orange or Yellow Leleupis

    Hi Gav, Is it possible PMing those shops, if possible.
  14. aymenz

    Orange or Yellow Leleupis

    Thanks guys for the replies. Which are more common here in aus? and what is the minimum price you reckon an LFS should take them for? Aymen
  15. Hi Guys, I am after your thoughts on whether the photos below are of a Yellow or an orange Leleupi? Regards, Aymen