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  1. Perherfile

    Canister filters – Aquael, Eheim or Fluval

    I'd have to agree, Fluval are now very good. Wouldn't have had anything but my Eheim in the 90s, but I'm loving my Fluval 206 now: it's very good.
  2. Perherfile

    hopar battery back up pump

    No. Watt rating is about the maximum you can draw from the unit at any one time. Look at Ah to figure how long it will last, see my other reply for more on this. The Watt ratings are displayed prominently as these computer UPS systems are designed to give enough power to get everything shut down and ensure zero data loss occurs. The important thing is they can output their max load for just a few minutes. The more expensive ones also come with software that will start the shutdown of computers attached to them if there is a power outage for any arbitrary length of time (30 seconds say.) They are not designed to give a long sustained power output as such, but with small loads they certainly can and can be a cheap way to do so. Be warned they make a lot of noise when the power goes out, they beep like mad (it's so you can hear them off in a server room somewhere, just in case power outage is localised.)
  3. Perherfile

    hopar battery back up pump

    Exactly. You can plug anything into them so long as you don't exceed the VA/W rating on the unit. In the case of the one I linked to it is 360W (scroll down to read the specs) so your 60W air pump is fine. You use the Ah rating to figure how long it will last: 7Ah in this case. Amps will = W/V so 60/12 = 5, use the battery voltage, not the output voltage. So we are drawing 5 amps, Ah/Amps is how long it will last, 7/5 =1.4 the unit will last for nearly an hour and a half assuming your pump consistently draws the full 60W, truth is it probably will not draw the full 60W and will last longer.
  4. Perherfile

    Filter media assistance

    I agree, ceramic noodles and some sort of mechanical filtration is all you need. I do it the other way around though, mechanical first, you end up with less to clean out of the noodles come cleaning time that way and they are never too clogged up. I also use something to soften and lower the PH in my Kribensis tanks (peat moss) but that's not for filtration as such, it's just a good place for it to be effective at keeping the PH down.
  5. Perherfile

    hopar battery back up pump

    Possibly the fact that I work in IT changes my perspective, but I'd expect something considered medium sized for a UPS to run a 5w wave maker for more than 3 to 4 hours. More like 3 to 4 days A large UPS would be even longer. You could run your heaters off that big one for a while...
  6. Perherfile

    hopar battery back up pump

    Why not try a small computer UPS?, something like this http://cplonline.com.au/ups/eaton-5e-650va-230v-ups-5e650iusb-au.html That's going to run air pumps for, err, quite a long time, after the power goes off. Could also run any other pumps you might want it to. About the same price as the pump you link to but much more flexible.
  7. Perherfile


    Any light will grow algae to a certain extent. Most fish tank lights at least claim to try to ballance light output in order to least promote alge growth while still either being nice to look at or grow plants well - it's debatable how effective this really is. Marine folk used to do a filter called an algae turf scrubber that was a big lot of algae you ran very shallow water over, they don't seem to be so popular these days, there at least used to be lights avaliable for this purpose that would claim to be better at growing algae. Possibly the effectiveness of these lights growing algae was more to do wth keeping them on 24/7 that any difference in spectrum output. There may have been other names arround for this sort of filter. Personally I think your best bet is as much light as possible for as long as possible to grow algae. Any plant grow lights are probaly going to be slightly more effective than lights intended for viewing fish. Don't put your lights on 24/6 though: the fish will get a bit crazy being kept up all night. You would probally find you could fairly easily overdo it and get too much algae growth.
  8. Perherfile

    Back in the game! New 6ft tank setup.

    I have Kribensis to spare (they just keep breeding!) that would go nicely with what you have. PM me if you want some small ones.
  9. Welcome to the forums Perherfile :)