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  1. So I found the product, I'm going to get one and I hope it does what it indicates https://www.aquaplenish.com Cheers
  2. Hi All A while ago I found a product which was a bucket with a pump in one package. It could pump out water to waste then be used to fill the tank from the mains but also add water from the bucket to maintain the temp. The water in the bucket could have dechlorinator added. The issue is I have lost the name and can not find it via google. Any idea of the product name or the website would be great Thanks Mike
  3. Hi I've been losing fish to sucken stomach disease for some time now, but have not been able to get my hands on Metronide. I've been able to do this now and would like to know what the recommended dosages and how often I would treat my tanks. I want to treat all my tanks. I now that there some recommendations to place it in food but with the number of tanks I think treating the tank would be more effective. Am I wrong ? Thanks
  4. The Eheim Compact+ 5000 I was supplied (in the kit for the tank) was so loud that we would never have been able to sleep. It was causing the whole house to vibrate. So yes the DC pumps are much better.
  5. I have two of these running right now a dc-4000 and dc-6000. Both have been runing well over 2 years. So good pumps.
  6. This is a post which includes an offical responce from Seachem. http://www.seachem.com/support/forums/forum/general-discussion/1897-matrix-performance-deteriorates I've had the same 15kg I purchased 4 years ago in my tanks and if anything the filtration is better. Mike
  7. The use of additives really comes does to your water, in my case my water has no KH or GH so I'm adding large amounts of additives just to get a KG and GH of 7. I use TechDen's Start Right African Cichlid Riftlake Salt which then supplement with more carbonate to up the KH using something like Aquasonic Carbonate Hardness Generator. Cheers
  8. If you have a fish room use air pumps for filters and agitation, but if your tanks are around a home your better off just using the return from filters and powerhead/wave makers. I started out having air pump on my tanks but over the years I've found that I'm better off using other means to agitate the water surface.
  9. I just saw this youtube video, it give you some good ideas and mentions her wish to move to HMF
  10. Hi Bradc Hamburg Matten Filters (HMF) are very popular in Germany in breeding facilities, I suggest you have a very good look at all the different designs of these. Its a very power effective method of keeping fish as you do not need pumps, just a large air pump. I suggest that your use Poret foam as this does not block up like normal sponge material. I have a number of tanks using HMF designs two of them have been up and running for two years, no need to clean them in that time. Poretfoam.com is the starting point for the foam and some ideas Cheers MIke
  11. mjoconr


    I had a 3" for many years, it had goldfish and a couple of internal filters did the job for over 10 years. When I moved to Cichlids I found that this was not enough even a lightly stocked tank. That being said with the water parameters you indicated it would seem as if the cycle is working so maybe your ok. The one thing I have learnt with tropical fish is that the O2 levels can be a major issue. So yes I would be adding a wave maker pointing at the surface. MIke
  12. The rarest fish I have are Gephyrochromis lawsi, 3 males and hopefully 2 females. I really hope they breed. The two extra males are in other tanks.
  13. When treating white spot I run the tank at 30deg C, but thats consistent over a few weeks. I suggest that if your having deaths then issue might be O2 levels. My biggest issue with tropical tanks has been fish dieing because my O2 levels where to low. So maybe look at that as an issue. Mike
  14. Yep, should always be used but in general one water change should not kill things if forgotten but don't do it on purpose. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Generally not, but if the local water has high chlorine it could. Its more likely that he does not have enough filtration which holds the bacteria as a result most of the bacteria was killed by the chlorine causing an ammonia spike. If there is enough bio filtration a change of 30% would not have caused the death of enough bacteria to cause a major problem. Mike
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