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  1. hunter pets is closing down now

    I would say it is a Juvenile Uaru.
  2. hunter pets is closing down now

    Hey sweendog87, there is a guy on the Gold Coast Qld selling Rotkeils at the moment, he is on Qldaf forum under name of lazybonezz, 3.5-4cm at $85ea , $75ea for 5 or more, $65ea for 10 or more. You don't see these for sale very often and he will freight Aust wide airport-airport.
  3. nsw cichlid society major auction

    Could you please name the rare South Americans which were sold at the Auction.
  4. American Stocking question

    Good choice but the Tapajos would be the most aggressive of any Geo available here in Aust. This is mostly during mating period.
  5. American Stocking question

    I would forget about the salvini, remember the others will coexist without a problem as long as there are no females. At breeding time they can all be fiesty, and your tank size will not hold more than a total of six fish when fully grown. This is just from my experience with the fish you have mentioned.
  6. Gday Wayne, been a while since you posted about these, did you have any success with raising the fry? very interested to hear how you went with them. Thanks Gary.
  7. LONG awaited 6x2x2 geo set up

    There are some Geo keepers on this forum and also on the Perth forum, getting them to respond to your request is another thing! just keep asking and looking at every opportunity and something will come up. Some of the major aquarium specialist shops around Sydney often have different Geos and they will Air freight at your expense, best if you know someone who has been in the hobby for a long time and try to glean some contacts from them. I hope you can source some, they are really a lovely peaceful fish. Make sure you use fine sand as they filter it through their gills and don't have it very thick on bottom of tank, only about 25-30mm deep with the driftwood and rocks. Plenty of filtration as they like very clean water, i am running an FX5 and a 2700lt Nautilus on mine and just bought another FX5 with a FX6 motor, probably swap the nautilus over, better still use a large sump.
  8. LONG awaited 6x2x2 geo set up

    I am in the process of setting up a 8x2x21/2 for geos and finding it really hard to acquire the fish i want. So far i have A. Heckelii, G. Brachybranchus and hopefully getting G. Pindare at the start of next summer with the possibility of G. Rio Branco as well from the same private supplier. I will also put some T. Elliotti in as they also filter the sand for food and get on with the Geos.
  9. LONG awaited 6x2x2 geo set up

    I also love the Winemilleri, sad they are not here, if you want to see some great pics and videos of Geos and you are on facebook look up Jim Cumming. He is in Canada and has the best collection of SA fish i have ever seen, blows my mind such great videos and rare fish, watch in full screen.
  10. LONG awaited 6x2x2 geo set up

    Nice choice there, Surinamensis will probably be G. Brachybranchus as there are no true Surinams here in Australia or will be one of the varients of Altifrons. Rio Branco are normally available as are G. Pindare and sometimes Rio Columbian/ Venezuela, Google this link to see what is available in Australia, Eartheaters Australia - an overview of South American Eartheaters. Make sure the Tetras are of the larger variety as smaller ones will be eaten.
  11. LONG awaited 6x2x2 geo set up

    Love it when a plan comes together and a great choice of fish, have you determined which SA fish you will get?
  12. Shogun Heater 500w anyone tested

    @mjoconr The issue with those is (I purchased 100, 150 and maybe a 200) is the little heater sensors nubs on the top just broke apart after about 2 months. As a result all of them now display and heat to an incorrect temp. I had the same problem with the 500W heater, contacted Aquaholics and they replace the heater i just had to send them a pic of the faulty one. Surely the sensor probes could be replaced any guys out there with the technical knowledge on how to do this.
  13. Sending fish

    sorroz yes i did check the map for distance and it could be a problem,thanks for the concern. Intangcity purging would be necessary for the health of the fish, thanks for the advice. It seems another member here in Brisbane has made some arrangements with Labryinth for both of us to do a conjunctive purchase.
  14. Sending fish

    Thanks for the tip my friend.
  15. Sending fish

    Hello people, i have an unusual request for some help. I have been trying to buy some Geo Pindare without much luck but have located some for sale in Manly NSW but the seller will not freight them. So i am resorting to asking if someone on this forum would be interested in doing a pickup and freighting them to Brisbane Qld by air. If you can help i can arrange the booking and pay the cost from this end prior to the pickup. Many thanks.