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  1. Rod54

    QLDFAS convention last weekend

    Not every country is anal with import laws...... I once brought back Rainbows from PNG in my luggage.....declared them and given all clear That was about 40 years ago.....long before current restrictions It would be illegal now....they would be confiscated and destroyed
  2. Rod54

    Freshwater fairy shrimp

    2 issues I can think of..... Not an allowable import local species are protected
  3. Rod54

    Where is everyone

    When I started keeping fish.....50+ years ago. There were 3 sources of information. Your LFS Magazines Your Local fish club. And there were very few prohibited imports......Wholesalers brought in anything and everything Even fish clubs imported fish. Over the years things have changed a lot. LFS are fading away....overrun by Pet warehouses with well meaning staff that generally don't have a clue and for hobbyists On-line sales of Fish and Goods is the future Magazines can't be found at the local Newsagent The Local fish clubs are mostly geriatrics (like me) List of Allowable importable fish is getting smaller and smaller.....with lots of Mutants/Hybrids.... Locally bred fish are mostly rubbish (not all thankfully)....few selectively breed For 8 of last 10 years Forums were the social hub......but many haven't been well managed or become very clicky Facebook seems to be where it's at.....pick a Group or groups that suit and connect via your phone Personally....50 years ago was a lot, lot better, BUT you can't fight progress!
  4. Rod54

    Filtration for a 6x2x2.5

    I think canisters work best when inlet and outlet access the tank over the top Drilling holes in the base of the tank create a weakness where water pressure is greatest....any failure of those holes/fitting or canister would lead to the tank draining I agree with fish dance re keeping aeration. Extra canister wont increase water quality unless it is chemical filtration and that's not Good to do full time. Water Quality is best improved by gravel vac and increasing frequency of water changes.... Just my opinion....;)
  5. These are on AI’s list atm....anyone seen them? got photos?
  6. Rod54

    Canister filters – Aquael, Eheim or Fluval

    If your intent in "Over filtering" is to give you fish optimum conditions.....you would be better to increase water changes..... I've heard of discus breeders who do almost 100% water changes morning and afternoon Lots of chemicals/toxins don't get filtered out.........so like in nature....best solution is to replace the water Putting a filter on the tank with a bigger pump just increases water flow which may actually be counter productive....stressing fish that don't like high water flow
  7. Rod54

    Under gravel filter enough

    Has anyone tried a reverse underground filter? Power head to push water to underside of gravel, then up through gravel.....waste then gets trapped under the bottom of the gravel Each time you do a water change connect to U/G filter inlet and water is drawn through gravel from top to bottom Trapped waste is then removed.... This is opposite to normal U/G filter but saves gravel vac???
  8. Rod54

    Sick Fish Tank

    I've found that "Soft water" fish....(Rams).... tend to die 1 by 1 when kept in Hard water....their kidneys fail at different rates It's not an issue of pH....other than hard water tends to be high pH...just as soft water tends to be a low pH... So pH is a rough indicator of Hardness.... Although you may get a low pH tank with very high TDS if you've put in a lot of pH Down in trying to lower the pH I've yet to see a soft water tank with a pH of 8??? It maybe disease....BUT....all fish a more susceptible to disease if stressed....ie Keep in inappropriate water chemistry I've found it useless to treat fish for disease if water isn't correct first.... Sounds like a small tank....too small for Heckelli.....perhaps it is the killer??? A working video would Help....;)
  9. Rod54

    Sick Fish Tank

    Could be a lot of things....but if pH is 8 then most likely water is hard.... Rams are a soft water fish.... as more south American Cichlids are.... Keep them in Hard water and it eventually overloads their kidneys....death follows Get a source of soft water and start with 50% tap water, 50% softwater... Check to see if their is any source in tank that could be adding to total dissolved solids....ornaments or white gravel that could be calcium carbonate
  10. Rod54

    Sick Fish Tank

    Video would Help
  11. Rod54

    Sick Fish Tank

    Do a big water change.....and gravel vac at same time That's a start.... Cant see video
  12. Rod54

    South American needs salt?

    Try weekly 30% water changes with straight tank water.....they should really pop with the drop in conductivity at each water change 7.8 pH and gH 12 is too high for South Americans.....would be Great for Central Americans pH under 7 and gH under 5....IMO
  13. Rod54

    South American needs salt?

    South Americans Cichlids (Amazon) like soft/acid water....I wouldn't add any salt....particularly Sodium Chloride the Blue Moorii prefers hard/Alkaline water Central American Cichlids like harder water I'm of the opinion...salt is ok with guppies, mollies and brackish water fish Ok for medication as a salt bath....don't favour regular use in freshwater tanks....other than specific species mentioned
  14. Rod54


    Many shellies and Tang step breeders are best kept in species only colonies......trouble is it takes time to build a spectacular colony and many just don't have the patience....particularly if they have only one display tank I once saw a 2ft cube with a pile of rocks in the middle.....It contained Princess Cichlids....half a dozen pairs and fry of all sizes everywhere....it was spectacular You could do the same with Julies....the more there are the less aggression