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  1. LED Lighting

    Hi all, I was looking to update a variety of different tanks I have from fluroescent lighting to LED lighting but have no idea what types I need. I have mainly cichlids and few if any plants so I dont need to buy any lights specifically for growing plants and none of my tanks are marine. What type of wattage etc is required per 100 litres etc? Besides looking better , are the units that have red, blue and white really required? Any advice will be appreciated. Steve
  2. Does Matrix need Replacing

    Thank you for your reply AOE. Looks like there is no need to throw out old matrix and that it, like every other bio media just needs to be cleaned in aquarium water every few months. Thanks to all
  3. Does Matrix need Replacing

    Thanks for your advice Mark. Much appreciated. Steve
  4. Does Matrix need Replacing

    Hi Mike, Thank you for your reply. I had read the Seachem forum response on this issue but noting they own the product their opinion could be biased, although advising fish keepers to purchase more product every 2 years would not hurt their sales :-) I was keen to know if other fish keepers had replaced their matrix or not and I appreciate your advice. Steve
  5. Does Matrix need Replacing

    Hi everyone, For all those who use Matrixi in their filters, do you replace it every 1 or 2 years or just rinse it in aquarium water every time you clean the filter? I have seen a youtube video and the person whose uploaded the video was advising that matrix only last 18 months to 2 years at most. Just after opinions from you knowlegable fishkeepers. Steve
  6. Resealing Tank Bottom

    Thanks Ducksta very informative. I have not see the tanks as yet but will have a look as to where the existing holes are. If they are close to the existing silicon then I probably will not bother buying the tanks. I gather local glaziers are the best place to find the scrap pieces of glass required? Gneral aquarium safe sealant ok? Regards Steve
  7. Resealing Tank Bottom

    Hi Everyone, I am considering buying a couple of second hand 2ft cube tanks. The only issue I have is that they have been drilled for a sump or similiar type of plumbing system. I don't intend to use this type of system and was was wondering whether it was worth sealing the hole with some glass and sealant so as to cover the hole? If so, would you recommend that I use the same size glass (width wise ie 8mm) or go higher? Is it worthwhile or should I just consider other options instead noting I am probably the worse handyman in Australia :-) Any advice as usual would be apprecated. Steve
  8. Breeding Leleupi

    Will the male and female be ok together in a new tank together? Will the male bully the female again? It will a 4ft tank with other Tanganyikan type fish such as Bricardii and small Frontosa. Thanks for the reply.
  9. Breeding Leleupi

    Thanks for the advice. The tank is isolated from my other tanks so there is no perceived threat for the male to specifically guard against (except me when I am doing a water change LOL). There are no other fish in the tank besides the 2 x Leleupi's and the fry. Steve
  10. Breeding Leleupi

    Hi all, Just after advice on breeding Leleupi. I have been lucky enough to have a pair spawn in a standard 2ft tank and the fry are free swimming and starting to grow nicely. I do appaer to have a issue with the male though. He is extremely protective of the fry, as expected, but is giving the female a hard time. She rarely appears from the rockwork and when she does the male harrasses her continuously. Do you recommend I remove the female or not? Do you think the male will eat or kill the fry if the female is removed? Has anyone who has bred lelupi before expreienced this scenario? I have read some websites and none of them has mentioned that you need to remove the female. Noting I do have a pair I dont want to lose the female. Thank you in appreciation for your advice.
  11. LED Light Keeps Flashing

    Just to close this discussion topic. I did go to Jaycar and was able to obtain another power supply unit. So far it has worked perfectl;y. Grateful for all you helped me as I was annoyed about the Led Light not working since it was an expensive unit. Steve
  12. LED Light Keeps Flashing

    Thank you for the advice. Will take the power supply to Jaycar and see if they have a replacement.
  13. LED Light Keeps Flashing

    Hi Brad, Thanks for the advice. That is what I was thinking to. Can you recommend where I can buy these types of power supply units. I will look for the V and A. Does it need to be the same make or model or will any similiar units do? Steve
  14. LED Light Keeps Flashing

    Hi Everyone, Just after some advice. I have a 4ft LED light which recently has started to, after a couple of hours of being turned on, flashes on and off. I touched the power plug and it is very warm. The set up from the light to the power plug is not one direct chord. It is 2 chords, as the power plug is connected to a small plug which then connects to a much longer plug which contain the led lighting. Just wanting to know if anyone has had this issue before and whether they were able to solve the issue. In addition, if the issue is the power supply only, whether it is possible to obtain the power supply and chord set up only? Unfortunately I cannot remember the manufactor of the LED Light. It is just under 2 years old.
  15. New Tall Tank -Ideas on Stocking

    Hi all, Over the weekend I bought a tank 2ftx 2ft x 2.5ft tall. It does not have any lids so I am essentially going to use it as a 2ft cube tank, leaving the water level 10-15cm below the top of the tank. As the volume is approximately 220 litres can I stock this tank as I would a normal 4ft tank (not 4x2x2)? I am not sure what to stock it with and was hoping for ideas. I know most people when they hear its a tall tank usually recommend Angels, and I am not dismmissing them, but was hoping for some further ideas. The only options I am not considering are a planted tank and a Discus tank. I keep both African and South American cichlids so no one is limited in their ideas or recommendations. I will use an appropriate canister filter on the tank probably in addition to a hang on the bank filter. Adequate lighting will also be provided to the tank. I will also provide adequate decor in regards to rock and gravel / sand depending which option I go with. Any ideas will be most welcomed.