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  1. brucem

    Is Aquaholics still in business?

    Thanks for the heads up
  2. brucem

    Is Aquaholics still in business?

    I know someone who bought fish from them 12 months ago. Everything was fine back then
  3. brucem

    Lake Malawi Africans

  4. brucem

    Fronts kigoma

    No probs. Will do
  5. brucem

    Fronts kigoma

    Cheers Mo. i love be my fronts. I’ve got a few spare F1 kigoma males if you’re looking for one. Im heading up the mid north coast next week too if that helps
  6. brucem

    Taiwan Reef

    I agree. Some of the females I got years ago from St George had a more elongated body, silver colour and distinct "H" pattern down the body, whereas now they seem stockier, yellower and body patterning is less consistently an "H" pattern. The anal fin on the males was a deep red too. But still a great fish
  7. brucem

    Tank pics

    All taken with an iPhone. for some of these I put the iPhone against the glass and it get rid of some of the glare.
  8. brucem

    Cyphotilapia gibberosa chumbu

    It's possible but I'd be looking for more females
  9. brucem

    Tank pics

    Couple more photos - not the best but you do what you can with an iphone
  10. brucem

    Frontosa Temp

    I reckon that would push it a bit. I keep mine at 24, but could probably live through 20-21. I'm not sure how the lower temp would affect breeding. Lower temps means lower activity.
  11. brucem

    Tank pics

    Take 2
  12. brucem

    Tank pics

    I haven't posted anything in a while. This is my 5x2x2 with Moba, electric yellows, juli transcriptus and a big sailfin.
  13. brucem

    Help identifying fish

    Looks like an alto compressiceps type to me.
  14. brucem

    Im back, where the rocks at

    Do you know what sort of rocks you're after? I've got too many lying around - river rocks, lava rock, sandstone
  15. brucem

    Help my tank is leaking!

    That sucks. If you're going to repair your tank, you're going to have to empty it and dry it out.