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  1. brucem

    Lake Tanganyika Cichlids and breeders

    If you’re looking to breed the daffodils, they could take over the tank at the expense of everything else. All depends on tank size
  2. brucem

    Lake Tanganyika Cichlids and breeders

    That’s right
  3. brucem

    Lake Tanganyika Cichlids and breeders

    I have caudopunctatus breeding pairs and some young gold comps in southern sydney
  4. brucem

    Tanks pics

    Just an iPhone Matt. I put it up against the glass to get rid of the glare of the glass. Nice fish Adam!
  5. brucem

    Tanks pics

    A few shots from tonight. Very happy to have X spilotopterus mbilibili in my tanks again.
  6. brucem

    Frontosa issue.

    How big is the tank and how many fish are in there? How many male and female fronnies?
  7. brucem

    New Member from Sydney (Rouse Hill)

    Gday matt chumbus are a nice frontosa to choose. Frontosa are one of my favourite fish. Did you buy adults or fry?
  8. brucem

    Is Aquaholics still in business?

    Thanks for the heads up
  9. brucem

    Is Aquaholics still in business?

    I know someone who bought fish from them 12 months ago. Everything was fine back then
  10. brucem

    Lake Malawi Africans

  11. brucem

    Fronts kigoma

    No probs. Will do
  12. brucem

    Fronts kigoma

    Cheers Mo. i love be my fronts. I’ve got a few spare F1 kigoma males if you’re looking for one. Im heading up the mid north coast next week too if that helps
  13. brucem

    Taiwan Reef

    I agree. Some of the females I got years ago from St George had a more elongated body, silver colour and distinct "H" pattern down the body, whereas now they seem stockier, yellower and body patterning is less consistently an "H" pattern. The anal fin on the males was a deep red too. But still a great fish
  14. brucem

    Tank pics

    All taken with an iPhone. for some of these I put the iPhone against the glass and it get rid of some of the glare.
  15. brucem

    Cyphotilapia gibberosa chumbu

    It's possible but I'd be looking for more females