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  1. Nice selection of fish.
  2. I have Anubis’s in my tang tanks. It goes well
  3. A bit of afternoon light on the tank makes all their colours look great IMG_1442.MOV
  4. Looks good! Nice selection of fish too
  5. With any species you can get a rogue male, and a male that may take over the tank. I think the ones to watch would be the maingano and hongi. Labidochromis so. “mbamba bay” might be a quieter option. Other fish to consider in the mix are Taiwan reefs, red empress, kadango, mirror balls, white lips, blue dolphins, electric blue. You could start with 30 fish (once your filter is up for it) and possibly get 2 males of each peacock to increase the chances of colouring up nicely. Sounds like a great tank. You’ll have to post pictures
  6. I get my fry to 5cm in a 2ft. I used to use a 4ft for fry 4cm+ depending on what you keep a few fry tanks could be handy.
  7. A 2fter is good for the next stage, and then maybe something bigger for larger fry.
  8. brucem

    fry food

    I never have trouble raising Malawi fry on crushed flake and crushed pellet. Tiny fry benefit from bbs in particular
  9. Just in that tank. It’s the display tank I side so softens the hardness of the coral and rock.
  10. Few pics this morning. I spooked the attenuatus before the shot so his colours faded a little
  11. Nice mate. Great video
  12. Ahh, that would explain it
  13. Males have a yellow edge to their tail fins and female do not, in my experience. I find that males can be aggressive to females that they are not paired with. Otherwise they’re fine.
  14. brucem


    Haha! Thanks Chris
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