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  1. slim_shaney

    fill levels

    hi, ive noticed lots of tank pics where they have their tanks filled up with more than a few inches to spare. ive always filled my tanks to pretty much the top, with maybe only a cm to spare. am I doing it wrong?
  2. slim_shaney

    jack dempseys

    just saw some little jack dempseys at the pet shop, im very keen to get a pair. can you tell their sex at an early age, cause I would love a breeding pair? ive got two big Oscars , so im going to make a Perspex divider for my five foot tank, just so they can get use to each other, and ill make some safe hides for the jd's too. any other tips from more experienced fish keepers is more than welcome.
  3. slim_shaney

    tank lighting

    ok..so how do I find out the spectrum of my tube,? or should I just get a new one.? what is the correct tube?
  4. slim_shaney

    tank lighting

    hi , I would love to hear everyone's ideas on best lighting techniques. I use a large flouro on my five footer and a white/blue led on my smaller tanks. it seems like the fluorescent light creates way more algae growth than the leds, are there different types of fluorescent bulbs to help with this? how many hours a day do you light up your tanks? anyone tried submersible lights? i'm keen for any suggestions/feedback thanks.
  5. slim_shaney

    oscars and algae eaters

    hi guys, I have two largish Oscars in a 5 foot tank. im keen to get a couple of algae eaters to help keep the tank clean, seeing as Oscars seem to be so bloody filthy. I know that plecos eat algae, but what else does, and what is hardy enough to handle the Oscars.
  6. Welcome to the forums slim_shaney :)