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  1. Sick Fish Tank

    Ok thanks guys. Yeah I think I will get him to go talk to an aquarium place up here and see what it is
  2. Sick Fish Tank

    Fish still dying. Heckelli and gold ram. Can't seem to get the ph under 8. Would this be the cause??
  3. American Stocking question

    Thanks guys. Yeah I'm thinking of going with the tapajos and heckelli 3 each. And just some either fish as well.
  4. I've recently been cycling a 4 foot tank. External canister filter and wanting to get some Americans. I'm thinking 1 each of the following. Salvini . Tapajos. Firemouth. Heckelli. Ellioti. Maybe 2 of each but want to make sure this would be compatible?
  5. Sick Fish Tank

    40% water change. Nitrates fine ph 7.5 no signs ofor physical illness. Fish not breathing fast or anything . Fish still dying 1 at a time
  6. Sick Fish Tank

    Hey all. Posting for a friend. He has lost a few fish lately. Ph and temp is fine. Nitrates are low. Water changes once a week and feed twice a day. This gold ram is acting sick. Does anyone know what it might be and the remedy? received_10156521072883835.mp4
  7. African Stocking Question

    Very nice. Yeah mine is about 105 gallons and so far they all have plenty of space. Will see how they go . Will possibly get a second filter and I do a 20% water change every week. Feed them once a day and every second day twice
  8. African Stocking Question

    This is my set up. So far the frontosa is fine. As you can see they have a bit to grow. Once they get too good will either get another tank or sell a few. The 7 bar Frontosa I know will prob have to go
  9. 50g acaras & rams?

    Personally I wouldn't put the tetras with the Acura. Esp if they are a breeding pair they could hurt the bolivian and eat the neons. I had a pair of green terrors and they eat all my Cory's once they started breeding. All depends on their temperament though
  10. African Stocking Question

    At the moment a peacock is the most aggressive in the tank. Chasing the dragon bloods and mbuna that I have . If i get a second filter should I stock more fish to ease aggression or just keep changing the rocks?
  11. African Stocking Question

    It is a fluval 406 400l. That enough?
  12. African Stocking Question

    The measurements are Length - 150 cm, Depth - 45 cm and Height - 55 cm . I have a external canister filter 3 parts in it and plan on getting a second at some point, i do 25% water changes , yeah the Frontosa isnt that big im thinking of putting him and a couple more in their own tank at some stage, not sure how fast they grow?
  13. Hey all, Got a 4 x 2 x 1 Tank with canister filter etc, have about 25 fish ranging from peacocks, dragon blood, electric yellows, flameback, Maingano, eletric blue and 1 Frontosa, all are around 8-9cm and they all seem to get a long fine, but long term is that too much or is it possible to put a few more in?
  14. I.D please

    Thank you. Any idea on the other 2?
  15. I.D please

    Hi guys. New to Africans. Just bought these at an Aquarium and the guy had no clue what sort these are. Wondering if anyone can help. Thanks