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  1. boonahsider

    Electric yellow, is she holding

    Cool! 100% she is holding. Normally what I did about holding female is buy a fry saver from aquarium shop and put her in there. Is this first time for her? if so let her spit in fry saver so your son can see fry and mother interaction/relationship after she spit the fry out...like sometimes fry go back in to Mother's mouth. No fry saver, all fry will be eaten/crushed by other fishes. Good luck!
  2. boonahsider

    one of my female petro bulus

    Awesome pic! Is she collect from Wild?
  3. boonahsider

    Tropheus moorii Yellow Nkonde

    Recent update photos of Tropheus moorii Yellow Nkonde.
  4. boonahsider

    T. duboisi

    Great shots! Love the picture of head shot. Absolutely stunning! Do you know what generation of this Trops.?
  5. boonahsider

    Cichlids won't breed

    When I was keeping them, I had 1 male and 2 females. Bought them off from John @bexley as trio at 4-5cm. Males showing the crimson red/yellow, whilst females show the black strips and more of a goden yellow sheen. They bred like a rabbit. One point, I even thought gaving my females a break from breeding so bought another female from lfs. My male constantly chasing the new girl to breed but unfournately she die after 3 weeks. Josh is right! making sure there are 2 females in trio.
  6. boonahsider

    Tropheus moorii Yellow Nkonde

    Hello Everyone, T. Yellow Nkonde is one of the endangered cichlids of Tanganyika. This specie of Wild has been banned collection from lake since Dec 2014. As well, we have not seemed them in Oz for a while. Luckily, I've got a chance to pull them in before New law applied. These are 3-4cm German tank raised imported by Aquotix Aquariums. The following photos are taken on the day that they come in. At the moment, they are in 75g grow out tank. I will update more photos later. Thanks for looking
  7. boonahsider

    aquaticfish.com.au ??

    I dont really think they have front open shop. They are like online shop. I did bought once from them mid 2014. Bought 15 peacock fry and picked them up kogarah area. Right size and bagged really well. Price is a liitle big cheaper than LFS. You can choose a few pick up locations aroud their network by pre-arragement. They set min amount for delivery. I hope this help. I havent bought from them since coz now I am keeping trops & other tangs. cheers!
  8. boonahsider

    Petrochromis Talk Time :)

    Recently Jim sold his beloved Yellow moshi to Benny Short. But you can still contact Jim for F1 Petrochromis red bulu fry and other trops. Red bulu fry are selling really quick so you have to act very fast. Or contact Brendon Clark from Newcastle for Petrochromis Katetes. Thanks
  9. boonahsider

    Maingano or convict cichlids

    Most of maingano males grow up to 7.5cm but a bit larger in the aquarium they can grow under 10 cm. About auratus, reach up to about 11 cm in length.
  10. boonahsider

    Maingano or convict cichlids

    I will go for Maingano. Have bred Maingano awhile ago, demand was quite good and got more interest coz of their color patten. cheers!
  11. boonahsider

    Introduction - BradK

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing the photo.
  12. boonahsider

    Tankmate suggestions

    How about Maingano (Melanochromis Cyaneorbdos) if you like blue color? I know Crimson tides is pretty aggressive. Will you be breeding them or just display? I would like to suggest Saulosi but they might inter-breeding with electric Yellow..may be. Thanks
  13. boonahsider

    Introduction to my new setup

    Great set up! Love those Big rocks Where did you get them?
  14. Regarding about "I am thinking of shuting down my display tank (just not enough time anymore) which has about 10 Trop "Red Rainbows" in there. Not sure of ratio as its just a large display tank i have never had them breed if thats what your looking for. I did get them as fry from a breeder in Sydney about 3 years ago who told me the parents are WC.

    Make a offer if your interested. Would be pick up Newcastle"

    G'morning Gent, How's going? Interested in your Red rainbox colony. Are they still available? If they they, I have got a few questions about them. I really need to know about the breeder of them so I can identified who own the this wild caught parent? Were you pick up from Liverpool area or Hurstville area? What approx size of them? Do you have group photo of them?