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  1. thermofish

    Cuban still bashing himseff stupid

    Ive had the temp to 29-30 degrees for a few days now, Ive taken out all the activated carbon and zeolite from my filters, so i am starting to worry about nitrates. So its time i'll do a water change and Prime it too. Ive been using the protozin for nearly a week. He had some fin damage which is healing fine, he had a little bit of fluff/velvet on one eye which has cleared up, im thinking the whitespot is probably nearly eradicated. I'll melafix for secondary infection and keep using Protozin till the weekend then try to get the water conditions back to normal and see if he stops bashing himself. Will give an update soon. Thanyou for all your help, much appreciated.
  2. I recently got some clown loaches which caused a whitspot out break. The loaches died, so did my Neet. All i have left is a big old cuban who is constantly bashing his side agains the wood causing scales to rip off and a making horrible wound. Ive added salt to the tank, ive used a course of malachite green, ive used a course of protozin as all suggested by my LFS. He has never shown signs of disease other than this self mutilating behavior. Water ok, tho pH is a down a bit (maybe from all the meds?) Im stumped. I need help.
  3. thermofish

    Another noisey Eheim 2217

    Thankyou very much helpfull people. New impellor, new shaft and seats and a new latch for the whole shabang seems to have fixed the problem. Not cheap but cheaper than a new 2217.
  4. thermofish

    Noisy eheim 2217

    How did you go? My 2217 is vibrating and rattling as well, its not air or a blockage and all the parts are there, i was hoping if you came up with a solution it might fix mine too. cheers.
  5. thermofish

    Another noisey Eheim 2217

    Ok, ive checked the parts and everything is there and where it should be, but its still making alot of vibration and noise. There is no air or blockage in the system. Could it be a problem with the magnetism of the impellor's magnet or the electro magnet that turns the impellor?? Im stumped, any help would be greatly appreciated. This thing is in my room and is driving me crazy. cheers.
  6. thermofish

    Another noisey Eheim 2217

    I read the other string on a noisey 2217 and its not air or a blockage thats causing the vibration and noise in mine, i think it might be missing bushes or washes. But since i got it second hand i dont have a manual or parts list and therefore im not sure if anything is missing. I suspect the impellor is jumping up and down or side to side in its housing. Could anyone help me out ?? cheers.
  7. thermofish

    Paratilapia polleni

    How aggressive do they get ? say if you kept them with smaller americans like convicts and neets etc You think that would be trouble ?? cheers.
  8. thermofish

    Paratilapia polleni

    Cheers mate. Not really intending to breed them, but i might get a pair eventually. Just wanted to make sure there wasnt any nasty surprises waiting for me if i did get a couple. thanks again!
  9. thermofish

    Paratilapia polleni

    Just curious about the Paratilapia polleni. Can anyone give me some feed back on there keeping experiences. Any difficulty raising them. etc food problems, water problems, problems keeping them with other fish. Any info i should know thats not readily available by a google search that may help provide a good life or a living creature. cheers.
  10. thermofish

    My Neetroplus nematopus have bred !

    Thank you very much, i was hoping they would be fine with crushed flake. Ive moved the tank mates besides a salvini which is cowering in the corner, but ive got no-where to put it. All seems to be well with no noticable casualties. thanks again. (and yup, they have sharp little red teeth and they even have a go at me when i move towards the glass, angry little buggers). cheers.
  11. thermofish

    My Neetroplus nematopus have bred !

    Ok, i didnt even know i had eggs but ive found today ive now got a whole heap of cute little baby neets. Now just a few questions..... 1. What do i feed the little guys and girls? 2. How sensitive are they to water changes? 3. Like all C.Americans I presume the parents will be fantastic parents but are there any tricks or dangers i may not be aware of in raising these beauties? any help would be much appreciated. cheers.
  12. thermofish

    Madagascan cichlids

    Hi, im mainly into Americans but ive been looking around at others and am interested if anyone can give me a brief ouline of the Madagascan cichlids available in Australia and their degree of availability, cheers.
  13. thermofish

    Planting out java fern

    thankyou !
  14. thermofish

    What a nice pleco!

    Is that real or has someone been playing about on photoshop???
  15. thermofish

    Planting out java fern

    I didnt get a answer on the Underwater Garden forum so i'll try here. Dont know much about aquatic plants as you can tell, but if i plant the little off-shoots of java fern in soil will they grow faster?? If planted out what how much sun do they need and do they have any special nutrient requirements. cheers.