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  1. raychill

    nsw cichlid society major auction

    No convicts but
  2. raychill

    Help identifying fish

    Or convict
  3. raychill

    Help identifying fish

    If this was on one of the overseas Facebook pages it would have already been called a kenyi at least 5 times ?????
  4. raychill

    Help identifying fish

    Good score if it is
  5. raychill

    Help identifying fish

    Maybe altolamprologus fasciatus
  6. raychill

    Help identifying fish

    I thought that too
  7. raychill

    Location variant???

    If i was unsure of the variant i would just keep them as flamebacks
  8. raychill

    Breeding Frenzy

    9 to 10 days when you strip them they are tiny
  9. raychill

    new to african cichlids, tank size and fish?

    Yellows and rusties
  10. raychill


    The top one looks like a crimson tide
  11. raychill

    Ecotech Vectra m1 return pump

    Try reece plumbing supplies in the irrigation section
  12. raychill

    Jalo reef

    Do you shake the nitrate bottles. We found if you don't shake the nitrate bottles hard for at least 30 seconds each it doesn't work and will show zero.
  13. raychill

    How clear is laserlite

    It did
  14. raychill

    How clear is laserlite

    I cut it with a Stanley knife and a metal ruler