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  1. BonnieBoy

    Wood In the Aquarium

    Hello Everyone ... Have any of you enthusiasts used She Oak branch in your aquarium ... I have access to some really old wood ... however before I go collecting it I wanted to know if it would be safe to use (after sterilisation and soaking for around 3 months) ... Cheers
  2. Ziggyboy ... there are a few guys & gals on here that keep & breed them (myself included)& there are other groups around ... on Facebook you can try American Cichlid Keepers in Australia; Geophagus & American Cichlids & there are local ones such as Macarthur Cichlids & Wollongong Cichlid Keepers ... just a matter of doing a bit of on-line hunting mate ... Cheers
  3. BonnieBoy


    Euan Edwards and "Yanke" ... the 7 E. Cichlids that I currently have in the display aqua are NOT 100% free of body shape issues they are the best of what I bred back then ... when I was breeding them all the juveniles were rigorously screened under very strong lighting in their 200L grown out aqua. It was my contention at the time (and still is) that under such lighting of the stock you should be able to discern and to see through their bodies and observe where there are issues of the spine. As they mature their lateral line will also indicate these. The 7 current individuals are not perfect BUT are pretty good IMO. I will also be interested in the outcome of your theory on the "worm" "Yanke" and look forward to seeing some pics ... Cheers Guys
  4. BonnieBoy


    Thanks a bunch "Yanke" ... keep me posted ... I will def be interested in your outcomes ... Cheers mate
  5. BonnieBoy


    I would be interested in how the fry turn out ... I discontinued breeding Elliotti around 5 years ago because of the continual recessive gene that causes spinal deformities ... prior to that decision I secured additional stock from both Vic and Qld ... the breeding colonies that I was using then were not allowed to interbreed ( and I do know for certain that they were not from the same blood lines) The fish room diary that I keep shows that I only cross bred two times over 3 years of time due to the fact that the fry from these pairs did not display the recessive deformities (even after 12 months) ... I still have 7 of these stock, however they reside in one of display aqua inside the house and any breeding that now goes on is fodder for the aqua inhabitants ... a very beautiful Cichlid IMO
  6. BonnieBoy

    My dovii

    That's one mean looking beast. Those teeth. WOW. Those teeth. Do you wear steel gloves when cleaning the tank???
  7. BonnieBoy

    Replacement for my Jag

    The Devil is the alpha inhabitant. Any additions, whether larger or around the same size will get the same treatment as your dearly departed Jag. Enjoy your Devil. Allow this fish to grow to max potential AND most of all enjoy it for what it is . A really hard buM aggressive beast. It has been hard wired that way by millions of years of evolution and nothing nor anyone can change that.
  8. Have just drained one of the outside ponds and have an abundant supply of Glass Shrimp to feed to the fish during the cooler months. My question here is ... As I could find no reference in trolling thru the site ... Has anyone fed a particular food mix to their Shrimp prior to feeding to the fish. Because as I see it there are two beneficial impacts they get ... great live food AND if the Shrimp are fed a mix prior to feeding them to the livestock it SHOULD have a double whammy. If anyone has tried this method of feeding WHAT did you feed your Shrimp. Thanks for any feedback. Cheers.
  9. I have considered this food for a while now but was a bit reluctant to commence feeding it without first getting some feedback on the topic. Spirulina (I know what it is and the numerous beneficial effects ect). However, the product that I can purchase from my local health food store seems to be a more potent and less costly option than buying fish food with spirulina as one it's ingredients. Therefore, my question is ... do any of you feed this and mix it in with your flake/pellet/home made recipies of fish food AND if so do you use the health food product or do you source it from other sources other than the premix in commercially prepared fish food???? Thanks for any input that you can offer. Cheers ... John
  10. BonnieBoy

    Prime Alternative

    Been using Prime for over nine years. I use it for all water changes, wether that be weekly or a larger water removal for particular breeding requirements. I have NEVER had any issues with fish stress nor any casualties due to water change. For 90% of my changes I use water straight from the tap. Very satisfied with this product AND you can get it very cost effectively thru online retailers.
  11. BonnieBoy

    What geophagus is this?

    Too bloody right. The fashionable practice of mis- naming for a few more bucks really gives me the "tom tits". So does bulk breeding without any thought to the damage it ultimately does to the species in the long term. Better stop ... Otherwise I will blow a " poodle valve" Cheers
  12. BonnieBoy

    What geophagus is this?

    Looks like a very old and/or poorly conditioned Geophagus Surinamensis. I am basing my opinion by the overall shape of the of this specimen and its very shrunken gut cavity. Let us all know when a positive i.d. is estasblished. Cheers ... John
  13. Welcome to the forums BonnieBoy :)

    1. BonnieBoy


      Thanks Ged. I am looking forward to the relationship and adding my "two cents" worth to any forums etc that I can contribute worthwhile comments to. I have hundreds of kodachrome slides that I have taken over the years (many, unfortunately are now only that as they are of prohibited species (many taken at "Boy" Booth's place at Haberfield in the late 1960's early 70's and at Norm and Dannie Halliwell's outlet at Campsie and later Dannie's outlet here in Cam...