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  1. camry_csx

    Placidochromis sp. "Mbamba Bay" &

    yeah there was Sarah, i got a trio of Electra superior that are breeding very well. i got about 30 fry the other day and another mouthfull yesterday (its shaun aka maltese wog boi, by the way )
  2. Ok guys here is google pics for Placidochromis sp. "MbambaBay" : Mbamba Placidochromis "Electra Superior" : Superior so is there a difference in the fish??? or just a typical multi named fish? i can see a difference in the dorsal fin, the Mbamba's is black thats about it.
  3. camry_csx

    where to get

    you can get sand paper suited for glass
  4. camry_csx

    Few African Pics

    he is 11-12cm
  5. camry_csx

    Few African Pics

    thank, im selling the colony though gotta make room for my lithobates
  6. camry_csx

    Few African Pics

    thanks he is a stud too, he spawns with 3 females about every 3 weeks
  7. camry_csx

    Few African Pics

    just thought ill share some pics of my fish Male Red Empress Male Electric Blue Female Hecqui "zambia"
  8. camry_csx

    Multiple tanks

    looks cool, and well done,but did you consider air driven filtration? that will lower the chance of Deseases spreading.
  9. camry_csx


    Very true, i know for a fact that Certian stores like kmart, big w etc, only make about $1 on music cd's (if that) they are there to bring people inthe store, and you have to walk all the way to the back to get to em. also alot of wholesalers, (not just Aquariums related products) will sell the product cheaper if the retailer will buy say 100 of them, then say 5. bulk discount
  10. camry_csx

    OT look what i caught today.

    looks like a koi x goldie?
  11. camry_csx

    Scuba shots - Wobbegong

    cool pics, im pretty sure i have the jaws some were around here from a Wobbegong. heh they nice eating too.
  12. camry_csx

    some pics i have to show off

    yer i hope i get fry too, this tank seems to have a curse, ive had caudo's and blue faced princess in there before and non have spawned so im hoping these guys will.
  13. camry_csx

    some pics i have to show off

    Anthony thanks for the info, i had a look at the fish and its not as bad as it looks in the pic, + i think the pair had eggs so they havent been eating as much at the usaly do. i will keep an eye on them though, thanks
  14. got busy with the camera today, here are the best of about 50
  15. camry_csx

    Hooking up a Resun LP 60

    ill have to set mine up with the pvc stuff, i shouldnt need much so it should be ok, what does the stuff cost anyways? oh richard, the red emps i got off you are going great have grown pretty fast, they should be spawning in a couple months,