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  1. Yeah I have to confess I've dropped a hookless lure in there on occasion. Surprisingly the Jungle Perch will beat the jack to a lure every time. They're aggressive little buggers.
  2. In the pond are the Jack, two Jungle perch, a Snakehead Gudgeon and a Peacock Bass. I know a lot of people believe Jacks can't be kept with any other fish. I can only speak to my experience and say all the fish in my pond seem to live together well. There are certain caveats. 1. For starters, when introduced, the Jack was the smallest fish in the pond. Now he's the biggest. Maybe he's not bothered by the other fish as he's grown up with them. As he continues to grow he may become more aggressive. 2. In the pond I have a lot of structure and hiding places. Tree branches, Water Lillies, pot plants etc. It's not hard for the smaller fish to avoid the larger ones. 3. Obviously the Jack is still growing. I know they're an aggressive fish and he's clearly the boss, but so far and for now he's not outwardly aggressive towards any of the other fish. cheers, Steve
  3. Hey folks, Here's a quick clip of my pet Mangrove Jack and Jungle Perch feeding. They're in a 700gal pond and have been living happily together for the last 18 months. cheers, Steve http://www.fishandboattube.com.au/media-gallery/516-jack-feeding
  4. Welcome to the forums reefmadness :)

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