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  1. Yeah I do realise that Malawi fish change colour depending on dominance. I currently only feed nls 2mm, cucumber and once a few frozen Malawi mix. I might have to get some of this White crane to bring some of the fishes colours out. Thanks for the help much appreciated. Jon
  2. Thanks for the detailed post Buccal. I mainly keep male peacocks and haps and not really planning on breeding them. But just as a thought some of my peacocks have coloured down since i have purchased them a month ago so obviously they have been feeding with this absolute food. So this white crane food your talking about is that another name for this product? Found info on whats in this food. Crude protein 54% Phosphorus 1.5% vitamin E 200mg?kg Crude fat 14.5% Lysin 3.6% Methionin 1.5% Crude fibre 0.5% Vitamin C 300mg/kg Ash 8.6% Vitamin A 22500 copper 5mg/kg Calcium 1.7% vitamin d3 Selenium 0.4mg/kg Got alot of ingredients in the food. So you think maybe a once a week feeding of this food would be alright with the nls just to bring out colours, but if you feed just this food it could be harmful for the fishes and the fish could have a shorter life span?
  3. Absolute colour food has anyone used it? The LFS was trying to push me to buy it when i purchased a couple of peacocks to help hold the colour of fish. It said on the pack that it does not contain sex hormone. Just want to know if it's alright to use with NLS that i'm currently using. I'm just worried it is a hormone food and wont be any good for the fish. Any help would be great.
  4. The Lethrinops would look really good in my tank. They must be hard to come by because i have never seen them before. I have seen blue dolphins everywhere though. I guess i'll wait for a while and see what comes up. So at this stage was thinking another group of Haps and i got my heart set on some hongi's and that would be it. Thanks Jon
  5. Thanks Rosco. Its 6 foot long 2 foot high and 18inch deep. What sort of Haps do you think would be good? I have only got fish that are either herbivore and omnivores. Cheers Jon
  6. Im turning over 1200 litres a hour so about 5.5times the litres per hour. Two canister filters aqua one and a ehiem. Have the water turning in a clockwise rotation.
  7. Hey i'm new to keeping african's this is my setup 125 gal. T5 lighting blue and white globes. My fish include. 11 Saulousi 10 Pindani blue 8 Maingano's 6 Acei Ngara 5 Red Zebras 5 Red empress. Still thinking of added a few more maingano's and a couple more red zebra's also thinking some Hongi's. Thanks for looking. Jon.
  8. I'm ready now. empty tank ready to be filled.
  9. Thanks Rosco. I will put some photo's once i get my tank moved, i'm just doing some renvo's at the moment so moving my tank this sunday so i'll get some pictures posted once i get things going. Thanks for the advice on stocking, really looking forward to getting started. Jon
  10. Although i will be starting with 4cm fish and remove some excess males later. But not sure on litres per fish is a good balance.
  11. I have a dark blue background at the moment. For a tank my size how many adult fish should i be aiming to keep for 430 litres?
  12. Hey dazz. Yeah i have been out of discus for about a year now. I have just had a planted tank with some corys and angelfish which i just got rid of them. My tank is 450Litres 6 foot long. My flow rate in my tank is turning over the water 4.5 times which i know is a huge thing for africans. At this stage i just want a nice display tank so was thinking about getting small 3-4 cm fish maybe about 60-70 fish and reduce the numbers later on. I 'm still too undecided about what to stock. I want red zebra's, yellow labs or saulosi? also either yellow tail acei or colbalt blues.
  13. Hey Everyone this is my first post on this forum. I'm Jon from Newcastle, I have kept tropical fish since i was young kid. I'm now setting up my first African tank. My tank is 450 litres minus the rocks gives me about 420L I have got pool filter sand in the tank at the moment,and also going to mix in some crused coral sand to help keep a higher ph. I got some sandstone from the landscapers the other day. Tank has been up and running for 5 years now, so bio load wont be a problem to stock once i remove the last of the angelfish and corys cats i'm keeping. I have a double T5 lighting with white and blue globes 39watt each globe.Ehiem and aqua one Canister filters not sure on the flow rate but has worked well for years for me. I may add a wavemaker later on. I'm a massive Noob when it comes to African's, i have done some research on what i'm after and decided to go just mbuna only tank. My first question is should i stock the tank with 3-4cm fish and grow them up and pick out excess males and overstock the tank to begin with? If so how many different species should i put in this size tank?And how many fish should i begin with? Much appreciated.
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