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  1. How Wide are your Side drop compartments?
  2. Hi All Just wondering what is the max length tank that Side Drop Filtration (One End) is good for Currently have 4x2 with Substrate and no issues there. Looking to get a new Tank Was going to go 8x2 would a single side drop with 3 uplifts be sufficient for a tank of this size or should I look at putting one in the rear corner of the other end also (1 -2 uplifts)? Tank will also have substrate as the sand sifters require it Or should I just go for a 6x2 or 7x2 Any Input would be welcomed Thanks Brad
  3. Decided to share a few photos from the new camera Enjoy Callochromis Pleurospilus Neolamprologus Similis Cyprichromis Leptosoma "Utinta" Neolamprologus Caudopunctatus Ectodus Descampsii Ophthalmotilapia Ventralis "Chaitika"
  4. Gobble


  5. Jaycar do have them but they are cheaper on Ebay (I think Jaycar sell a one with Variable V & A and swapable plugs) Just may take longer to get depending on where they are coming from Just depends on how fast you need it.
  6. I Was given one that was flashing. Changed the power supply and its worked like a dream since. Just buy one that matches the V and A on your current one (It should be on the Power Pack or the Inline Block if there is one) Good Luck Brad
  7. Fry were hatched back in May last year, for all this time you could spot this fish due to its black tail
  8. Cheers for the correction in terminology Buccal. So i have a "Mutant Tret" Im planning on keeping this one for a display tank. Will be interesting to see if it keeps the black tail as it matures. only time will tell i guess
  9. Here are some photos Current size 3-4 cm then there is the normal colored tail on this one showing its stripes
  10. Hi all just wondering if anyone has ever seen a neolamprologus tretocephalus with a black tail? I have some fry and one of them has a black tail. It has always been black. I did a google search and found some images of one (all be it grainy) Ill try to get a pic of mine and upload it Just wondering if this is a common throwback with Trets Thanks all
  11. Ebay Link Comes in either 40 or 60 cm widths and is priced by the meter comes with application instructions also
  12. Ive used both 0% VLT (Visable Light Transmission) window tint film and decorative Adhesive Vinyl (Applied the same as window tint slightly soapy water and a squeegee) Both work well and wont scratch off as easy as paint if it get knocked The Vinyl is available in a range of colours including black and a few shades of blue
  13. Thanks for the feedback guys Steve thanks for sharing your experience with this type of side drop, releived to know it does work Cheers Brad
  14. Yeah the idea is to have 1 x lift tube come out each side I figure water level on each side would be an indication of flow rate and adjustments could be made to balance it out
  15. Hi Has anyone every tried using a side drop filter as a divider in a tank?? Please see image and share any opinions you may have as to if it will / wont / may work Looking forward to your feedback Thanks
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