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  1. It's a 4×2.. Thanks for that yeah pretty much want to work the tank around the attenautus just trying to figure out what to put in with them
  2. Looking into setting up a tank with some Lepidiolamprologus attenuatus just wanting to know of some suitable tank mates any help would be appreciated
  3. Noce looking fish i hope mine colour up like that
  4. I have few blue lip myself how big are yours
  5. I've never seen them before but they look pretty good ...hopefully you get them breeding
  6. Both great fish .. Yankee are they hard to breed ? they look pretty awesome
  7. Just wondering whats the rarest or least common cichlids that people own.. Personly dont have any super rare probably my exochromis anagenys
  8. Really nice fish looking yankee
  9. Yeah that's what im concerned about want to actually know what im getting is whats actually advertised
  10. Yeah i would really love to get some
  11. Would definitely like to go just hard living 6 hours north of syd
  12. Would like to go to auction one time see what it like
  13. Fingers crossed hope they be great to see some around ... would love to get some
  14. To bad maybe one day they will become a bit more frequent again would really like to get some
  15. How much do they sell for ... how do you get on a waiting list
  16. I dont think im going to get any just wondering people's experience
  17. That sucks you didn't get to keep some for yourself be good to get a breeding colony established... I have never seen them in person only in books or on the internet. net they are nice in person .. yeah i would love to get some.
  18. Just wondering if there is anyone on here has Gold charo zebra or if they are even available in Australia or how rare they are
  19. So should be ok ? ... was just thinking might add something different to the tank .. happy for any other suggestions
  20. Just wondering if anyone has had experience keeping congo tetra with mbuna more specific yellow Labs and Demasoni
  21. I would like to start a breeding colony if peacock but trying to decide which variant.... wont be going to the LFS but ... also could depend on whats available
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