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  1. Bocourti

    L2H is right. Depending on their size, I would put them in a 5x2x2 or larger.
  2. Air pump - to have or not to have

    You are able to agitate the surface with the return of your canister filter. I personally use them and add sponge filters - extra oxygen and filtration :D. With African Cichlid, people tend to overstock/increase numbers in order to limit aggression on one specific fish. more fish results into extra waste and less oxygen so it won't hurt to have an air stone or two. brand is of personal choice - something like a twist outlet 200LPH or higher could be used. I also use airpumps to connect my air driven breeder boxes which house fry and circulates water from the main tank into the breeder box.
  3. 6x2x2 sump vs canisters filter????

    I built a 3ft fish section in my sump - so sump for me
  4. Aqua One ThermoSafe Heater 300W / use 1 or 2 heaters

    I use a cheap stick on glass thermometer (similar to below) - I put it on the opposite side of the tank where heater is placed. https://www.thetechden.com.au/Pet_Worx_Glass_Thermometer_p/ak01.htm They are digital alternatives which also are priced reasonably well. Other Alternatives https://www.thetechden.com.au/searchresults.asp?Search=thermometer Your local LFS should most likely have these, I have only used thetechden as a reference.
  5. Aqua One ThermoSafe Heater 300W / use 1 or 2 heaters

    Hi There, I tend to prefer the Eheim, it may cost you a few dollars extra however they heat a larger volume of water using less Watts. based on what I can see here the Jager 150W heats 200-300L & 200w heats 300-400L - https://www.thetechden.com.au/JAGER_HEATER_200w_p/jg3617.htm Just ensure, the heater fits in the aquarium.
  6. Sump Recommendations for 5x2x2 Malawian Set up

    Kathy has covered most of it. The only recommedation I have is purchase media bags, it will make your life a lot easier when you want/need to clean the sump. I saw these BioPure Balls which may be of interest to you. http://www.aquaholicsonline.com.au/biopro-biopure-aqua-bacteria-house-bio-bakki-balls-5l.html From the link:- " Biopro Piopure Balls are so effective that a single Ball is equivalent to several kilo's of ceramic noodles (more than 10x its weight) or 1000's of bioballs "
  7. Looking For Steve From Dapto

    Based on previous posts. I think he is after Steve Chumbu breeder. Mick used to advertise for him however I think he dosnt have them anymore.
  8. Looking For Steve From Dapto

    I am assuming you are looking for Steve - F1 Chumbu breeder based on our prevous posts is that correct ? I don't have contact with him however that information may help others.
  9. I like them, a long with every other type. ultimately it comes down to what you like looking at each day. A few of my favorite variants would have to be kigoma (highly under-rated) tembwe , mikula & moba
  10. Cyphotilapia gibberosa chumbu

    gpap - stay patient - I highly recommend you don't just mix any Zaire with them. You own a really cool collection point, It would be a shame to ruin it by mixing Zaire. Have you considered growing some fry up ?
  11. Cyphotilapia gibberosa chumbu

    like Bruce said, its possible however they do best in a colony setting of males and females.
  12. Tank pics

    Those Mdoka - look great
  13. NLS cichlid formula or Thera A

    Are you using this in a sump system or canister system ? - I find NLS does not sink all to well even when soaked.
  14. Tank pics

    Success !! - that Pleco is hugeeeeeeeee, great size Moba too
  15. Frontosa Kigoma - 7 Bars

    Beta Male