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  1. Silver Aros together

    Cool, apparently keeping aros in large numbers have been achieved already. But, its nice to know that a fellow aussie loves their aros.
  2. Aros in planted tanks?

    Yep. Especially Juvies
  3. Aros in planted tanks?

    Nice! O..thats it...im going to order a huge tank and put my batch of juv. RTGs in there...better than selling to retail shops in sydney. thanks mate
  4. TSN cats

    Illegal, but got a mate wanting to selling a 90cm TSN for $900. Wants to get rid if it to get a few juv silvers in there.
  5. Aros in planted tanks?

    I was wondering if its ok to place a juv. aro into a 6X2X2 planted tank? I have personally seen a super chilli red with a few driftwood plants, but im talking about full jungle planted tanks. Regards Mango
  6. my 1st 2ft marine tank

    I reckon in a 2ft pack it up with corals then maybe a nice pair of clowns (about $60), a small 6line wrasse ($20) and maybe a dwarf angel. Ive got a 3ft tank with a small flame angel ($90). They have very sharp flame like colours. A must for every marine tank larger than 2ft. This isnt mine, but this is how it looks like if you dont have a clue what it is. Here is my tank, still a noobie job. Mango
  7. Hardcore movie

    Cool movie, we need some of those farms in aus Hopefully one day this scene can be seen in Aus.
  8. Foai action shot & Gibbie shot

    Very nice looking Gibby. Nice and yellow. Mine is just brown with yellow circles. How long have you had him/her for?
  9. my 1st 2ft marine tank

    Love the Coralline algae Get some corallimorphs, they are my best corals apart from leather corals. Im sure you can get some nice pieces
  10. what arrow is this?

    May i ask where you purchased it from?
  11. new 7x2x2

    If I had a tank that big, I will make it planted then add a few juv Arowanas. Juv. Silver are decreasing in price every week. They are getting very common now. Well...in Sydney that is.
  12. Hong Kong fish market

    Wow, nice pics. Did you do to Mong Kong? You see the tanks with stuffed up aros near the Women Markets? I went HK last nov and I must say...some very nice fish there. Loved their planted tanks. I saw i huge tank with one of each colour or aros. Quite cool...its good that the owners let you took pics, i got told off for taking pics they thought I was a spy from another shop trying to check on their prices etc.
  13. Planted tank

    Nice hagen co2 you got there Is the ornament in the middle driftwood?
  14. Price Check...

    Im grabbing a hold of some 3cm "Albino" Longfin BN and a huge male Albino Longfin, just wondering how much I should pay for em. Mango
  15. Off Topic Photos VI

    I took these late last year at the Macau Flower Display.