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  1. Hey All, Got a bit of a problem, please help. Lost a clown pleco. He was fine one day, died the next. That was 6 days ago. Lost two angels. Would swim vertical for a few weeks (I was told there was nothing I could do to help) before dieing. That was 3 days ago. Did a 25% water change after they died and now I have a dead PM Bristlnose and another with a swollen belly on it's side. I have that one in a Chinese container floating in the main tank. There is one other PM that has a swollen belly, but he is swimming around okay and one other that is fine. Other tank things are: Cichlids,Gourmai's BGK,Catfish and Tetra's. Everything else seems fine, so I doubt water problems. Please help, Thanks, Zac
  2. Hey Steve, I lost the blue one last night. I think your right about the Gut Infestiton. I keep a really close eye on the Red and he came and had 8 Bloodworms with all the other fish around. He's very active. As for the Aggro Fish, I'll look closer for any signs. The only "Bullying" I see is beteewn the Gouramai's. Thanks all for your help
  3. Umm, Breeding Angels, African Butterflys and some Egyption Mouthbrooders. I'm planning on getting soem Kribs and maybe a Pair of Firemouths. Big Maybe there. The only other "Big" fish are some Gouramia's and 2 Black ghost's. Thanks Georgie and Gingerbeer!
  4. Hey Foai, Thanks, I'll try and find shop with that treatment. My Nitrate is 5 ppm. Again, Ph Pen is broken. Say, 6.8. Its a community Tank with assorted Tetra's,Cichlids and Catfish. Its 5 x2 x2 foot. Heavily filtered. These fish were brought via pet shop and only 2 had grown, there both dead now. What should I change in my Tank to help the Discus? PS: I'm going ot school now, I'll come back online at around 1:10
  5. Hi Yes, I had a group of 8. I was aving up for thema nd thne got given them for my Birthday. Not all fish have had the same Syptoms though. I'll test Ph and Nitrate now. Thanks Well, My Ph Pen is A) Broken B) Having a bad day because since when was is possible to have a Ph of 14.9-15.5? I'm testing for Nitrate now 2 Mnutes till I'll now my Nitrate
  6. PS: The Blue's stomach is "Sucked" into the body.
  7. Hi All, I have a blue Discus which isn't eating. He's about 5 cm Wide and he's hasn;t been eating for a littl while. They where brought with a few others and this one and a red are the only survoiuirs (Red one is fine). His in a container in my main tank because he keeps going to his side, gasping etc. What do I do? Please help me!
  8. 619 Fish GOD


    Hi All, Last Month,I brought a Bag of Ricca Ricca and it had some Hidden Duckweed in it. Guess what happened. DUCKWEED INVASION! How do I separate the Duck Weed from the Ricca Ricca? Thanks
  9. Okay,Thanks. The tank has assorted Livebears and BN in it and is Lighty planted. It is an Algeal bloom upon closer inspection so Should I just siphon is over a peroid of time and not worry about the Chemicals? Thanks to both of you, Zac
  10. Hi All My Sister has a 2 foot tank that is Green.My Mum brought a product called "Biotec Algae Control". Is this harmful to fish or okay to use? Thanks
  11. Okay,as soon as I get home from Footy I'll set that up!
  12. Okay,so let this bacth go and as they get ready to spawn next time,move them to a tank? Is there ANYTHING i can do to save this bacth? Thanks fro all your replys!
  13. Discus,Butterflys and a Flag (Will be getting more) as for the Catties,there is everything from Bristlnose to Upside downs and Clownies. Should I move the leaf to another tank?
  14. No,There in a 5 foot by 2 foot by 2 foot Community tank and there is only a spare tank,18 inches in length.5 footer has Cichlids and other catties plus Tetra's ect
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