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  1. Help .... got Malaysian Trumpet Snail

    Hi all i had these beasts once put some plants in when i went on holidays came back and they were everywhere tried snail cures ,clown loaches nothing worked sowhat i did was to get a four litre plastic ice cream container emptied all the gravel out of the tank washed the tank down with salt then put the icecream container in the microwave and nuked them for five mins until all the gravel was done never seen a snail since but the downside is you have to strip the tank down
  2. Fish TB or Mycobacteriosis

    Hi all i kept rainbow fish for years and this is a terrible thing to see fish waste away they will sometimes gasp at the top of the tank their desire to eat is still there they will swim towards the food eat it then spit it out they develope sores some rainbows seem to be immune to it what i did find was you were better off buying stock from groups like angfa other than a random shop I wonder if a lot this myco came in with stock from asian fish farms. I now only keep tropheus its such a shame rainbows are beautiful fish
  3. Benthochromis egg development.

    Well done ronny great viewing very interesting
  4. Cichlid Jaws

    Well done chuck i hadnt seen it before very enjoyable Cheers mick
  5. Bosami Rainbows

    Hi matt outstanding looking bosemani i have kept many species of new guinea rainbows Over the years having crossed to tropheus in the last couple of years i dont keep any now But they are a super fish. Cheers mick
  6. Hi looks like what they used call haplochromis deep water Electra that was years ago its pro ally had a name Change since then. Cheers mick
  7. Hi guys just hoping someone can clarify this for me I brought some cyp kitumba jumbo Locally I then ordered some from Germany just titled cyp kitumba no jumbo in the name are these The same fish or are there two types from the one area just don't want to mix them if they are different So the question is cyp leptosoma kitumba jumbo or cyp leptosoma kitumba are they the same Hope someone can solve this for me Cheers mick
  8. cyyprichromis leptosoma kitumba ?

    Thanks Roscoe I thought it would be odd for their to be two types Because you would think they would naturally cross being in the same area Once again thanks Cheers mick
  9. Dans Tropheus Maswa Pics

    Very nice I have always had soft spot for the dubs had some 25 years ago and lost them Not nowing how to feed water parameters a little bit more knowledgeable now have nine Sub adults at the moment hard to find nice young in Vic I see plenty in qld and new Good luck dan