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  1. z18turbo

    Confirmed case of Cryptobia

    Thanks for the reply Chris, yeah disappointing but shows that you can do most things right but still end up in trouble. I think I should have been more selective in where I purchased my fish, especially in the early stages of getting back into the hobby and setting this up as this is where I feel it was introduced. I was very keen to get specific fish and lacked the patience to source them properly. The Vet is and expensive exercise but good to know exactly what is happening. Also cheap in comparison to the hobby as a whole . I am awaiting the lab results and will post them when they come in (I have had a verbal discussion with the vet on the phone about the results ATM). Also glad the I have not passed on any of my fry so it is contained in my system only. Cheers, Jarrod
  2. z18turbo

    Confirmed case of Cryptobia

    Hi All, I have posted this here as I could not find any information on the forums related to this parasite (could be my lack of searching skills), and it has come into my system from aquarium purchased fish here in Melbourne. Some background on the issues with my Malawi Hap/Peacock tanks. For the last 5 months I have been dealing with what seemed to be symptoms of Spironucleus that had been brought on by stress factors when by 1200ltr display tank failed and I had to very quickly re house the fish into a 6x2x2 and a 5x2x2 in the garage. This was not difficult as the tank had been running on 4 fx5/6's after I cracked my sump whilst doing maintenance and didn't replace it after making the decision that this tank was to small and as such I was planning to replace with a new 12ft set up so I was able to simply move the water and filters without to much disturbance of the beneficial bacteria. I had previously lost the odd fish but I deaths were few and far between and often the result of the after effects of bullying, or de-stabilization of the system such as when I broke the sump, or when a filter failed when I was on holidays and the house sitter failed to observe the tank. As per previous posts my Copadichromis regularly breed in this system and the water parameters have always been stable with weekly 60%+ water changes. My treatment to date had been targeted around Hex with Metro+Prazi and seemed to stop the issues. When I lost a few fish this time around I treated in the same manner and this worked to a point but I did notice recently some sunken belly and one fish showed white discoloration on it's side in the form of a very slight whitish patch. I thought at this point that I may have had TB in the tank but found this odd as all fish that I have added into the display were quarantined (longer for store bought fish). I also had a fish develop single pop eye. As I have a large number of fish including some harder to find species I contacted The Fish Vet and arranged a visit from his Melbourne representative to get a definitive diagnosis as I didn't want to lose any more fish, and also if something serious was in the system I wanted it diagnosed before I dropped a large amount of money on a new tank. When the vet arrived we disposed of 2 fish, a wild caught Aulonocara gallireya reef showing a white patch, not eating properly and having a skinny axe head like body shape and a "phenochilus tanzania" showing a sunken belly, this fish was eating but not gaining weight. Looking at the gut and lower intestine of the Pheno with the sunken belly it appeared that the fish had cysts or tumers all over its intestinal tract. The investigation of the peacock showed nothing conclusive. All water parameters were checked and were spot on including treated tap water that I had prepared for a water change. Lab testing on the dissected fish has come back as negative for TB or Spironucleus/Hex but positive for Cryptobia. This is what had caused the damage to the phenos gut and the cysts that I had seen were a defensive response by the fish's immune system attempting to isolate the parasite. From what I have been told and read it is easy to mis-diagnose this in tanks and treat for Spironucleus/Hex this does have the desired result of reducing the population of the parasite and allowing things to return to normal for a while. The issue with this is that it seems that as soon as there is a stress agent applied to the fish then it will become an issue again. From what I have read it seems that there is currently nothing that can remove this parasite and that the only real option appears to be destroying the effected population. Treatments with dimetridazole have been attempted and seem to be what is recommended but appear to not be effective as per the discussion in the links below. I have also attached a further link with information on the parasite. I am awaiting a further discussion with the vet on any treatments that may be successful and what my next course of action is. I have a group of 14 Cuckoos that don't appear to be sustainable but I need to no if they can act as carriers. At this point it seems that my options are to destroy all fish, throw out media and sterilize everything or maintain the population as is and allow nature to slowly take it's course which I am not really interested in although destroying 4K+ of fish combined with the money we all spend on power is going to make it hard to convince the better half that fish keeping is a great hobby we simply have to get more new fish. One positive is that the water quality in my tanks is good and it appears my beneficial bacteria colonies are solid enough to be suppressing the full effects of this parasite on the population hence why it has been a sporadic issue. If any of the people on here who have far more experience and knowledge than me can offer advice it would be greatly appreciated, and if there are issue with posting these links then can the Mod's please delete and let me know. Also the service given by The Fish Vet was very professional and fast so I would highly recommend them as it is good to have a positive I.D. on my issue rather then stress out and throw numerous meds at the tanks. http://careyaquarium.blogspot.com.au/ http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/vm077 I will update when I make a decision on the fish. Thanks, Jarrod
  3. z18turbo

    Mains Pressure Water Filter (tap water)

    Agree with what has been said above with regards to aging water change water. I now run an insulated IBC in the garage with a water tank pump and 19mm hose. Fill with 1000l of warm tap water + salts + Prime then leave for 24 hours with heater, 2500 hr circulation pump and air running. I also measure my salts by weight with the wife's kitchen scales so this remains consistent week by week. It may be in my head but the tank seems healthier.
  4. z18turbo

    Shogun Heater 500w anyone tested

    I have been running 2 1000 watt Titan g2's on my 8x3x2 system with no problems for the past year and a bit.
  5. z18turbo

    Recommended Cichlid suppliers in Melbourne

    As above Keysborough have the best stock but Meng has sold on to a new owner who has limited knowledge on Cichlids so time will tell if that is maintained. Also you will pay for the quality fish but worth it IMO. I have also bought from Barnseys Cichlid Heaven recently and they are great, you can find them on facebook. Bit of a drive and the fish are mostly juveniles but Devon knows what he is talking about. Finally Evalife in Frankston I have found to be good with a good variety and the owner has good knowledge. Everyone else I have found to be hit or miss with regards to Africans, for example 2 of my best and oldest Peacocks came from TVS but most of my fish are from Keysborough, Barnsey or direct from breeders. I avoid Amazing Amazon at all costs, tanks of hybrid or 'Mixed' Peacocks makes me angry. Cheers, Jarrod
  6. z18turbo

    Labidochromis caeruleus

    Interesting read, I remember when I got back into fish a couple of years ago and got some good e yellows they lacked a really distinct white stripe along the top of the dorsal fin. I had some in a community tank I kept in the late nineties that came from Ravi and that was one of the features I really liked. Cheers, Jarrod
  7. z18turbo

    Shell Dweller Advice

    Thanks for the great advice as always. All makes sense after spending some time looking at them last night the 2 Similis were hanging around a shell that the smaller (I am assuming female) is living in. The larger Multi was coming in every now and again and the 2 males were displaying at each other. I will separate them and the Multi will go back to my LFS when I get home and I will have a look at the number of tail bands on the smaller fish. Cheers, Jarrod
  8. z18turbo

    Shell Dweller Advice

    Hi All, Have recently set up a small shell dweller tank in my office and got given 3 Neolamprologus multifasciatus. There are two that are defiantly the same species and look like Muitlis, 1 at about 2 cm and another at about 3.5 to 4 cm but the third is about 5 to 6 cm and has different markings. I have not kept shellies before and so not sure exactly what the larger one is. Please see pics below and help with correct I.D. would be appreciated. This is the larger of the trio. This is one of the smaller pair. Thanks, Jarrod
  9. All said above is good advice. I have never seen Aqadvisor and never will again, very inaccurate generalizations. I now tend to buy small groups of fry from breeders and keep males I want in my display and females in separate tanks to turn into colony's, or move them on. I would add be prepared for aggression and the need to swap out fish that are to aggressive until you get a good balance. Also research species profiles so you have an idea what you are getting but remember fish have personality's so again be prepared to re-home fish that don't work out. Good luck with the tank.
  10. z18turbo

    6x2x2 on floor boards?

    I currently have an 8x3x2 on timber floor and agree with the engineered approach discussed above. My stand has joist sized timbers along the base so the load is evenly distributed. The tank is close to the wall of the house and the guy that we bought it off had had the section of the house engineered with deeper stumps etc. as he had a 10x2x2.5.
  11. z18turbo

    Dolphin suddenly aggressive

    I have only ever had one wild caught dolphin in my display and it was the most aggressive fish I have kept. Although it often came off second best with the other large haps it would still go back for more. Amazing looking fish but had to move it on. I now have a 8x3x2 display with mixed haps/peacocks and have a fully mature rostratus and borleyi. Neither is aggressive but there size alone keeps the peace. I get lots of squabbles but as soon as one of these swim by they stop. I also have rock stacks that are to the waters surface that break up line of sight. My only issue is when I have added young fish out of my grow out my semi mature exochromis goes bananas chasing and displaying for a day or so but he then calms down. Cheers, Jarrod
  12. z18turbo

    power outage delima

    I'm with LithoMan on power outages with my setup, although I have been lucky with the longest timeframe being 6 hours. I camp in some remote places and as such have 200 watt solar and 2 100 amp hour AGM batteries in the back of the car with a 2500 watt pure sine invertor with 2 240 outlets. Only a cheap setup off eBay but works well and has powered filters and air in both 6x2x2 and 8x3x2 setups when needed.
  13. z18turbo

    Benthochromis egg development.

    Great clip, cheers for the effort.
  14. z18turbo

    Landscape Photography

    Hi Ged, Love your photos, great work. My second one was shot at Arieys Inlet at the start of the Great Ocean Road. Cheers, Jarrod
  15. z18turbo

    Landscape Photography

    Hi Ged, Good idea, one of my favourite pass times, I'll add a couple in. Cheers, Jarrod