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  1. Skyedge

    Aquaclear quality

    Hi Adam, Welcome back. Not sure of the quality of current aquaclear but I am still using the aquaclear that you gave me longtime ago What fish are you keeping now? Still into American?
  2. Thank You Gents for sharing your experiences. I think it will be easier for me to remove the parent to another tank when the fry are about 1cm. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again
  3. It is their first spawn, so I'll leave them to rear the fry, hopefully they are good parents. Thanks for your input.
  4. I have a pair of firemouth cichlids currently in a 4ft tank with their offsprings (no other fish). Will the parrent eat the fry? They are freeswimming but still very tinny. I prefer to let them grow with the parrent. What do you guys think? Thanks for your inputs
  5. Skyedge


    Hi Alan, it depends on the number of fish, size, and type of fish. If it is stocked moderately, it should be fine. I am not a fan on internal filter, because the gunk/ dirt stay inside the tank.
  6. I have 2M&4F in a standard 4ft, they breed like no tomorrow..constantly 1-2 with mouthful I find some F don't breed no matter what you do, get some more F.
  7. Hmm..Nic #2&3 don't look like Nic..the head shape is different or maybe just the camera?
  8. Bronco, I have just stripped some fry, an they should be ready in a couple of months. I'll give you some for free if you still haven't got some by then. With only one caveat, your hybrid fish should be destroyed (humanely). Here is the pict of their parrents:
  9. It seems you have done what I would do if I was in your circumstances, and quite correct with the use of antibiotic as your next step as the wound has become infected. Yes, the vet will be able to prescribe some antibiotics for the fish. Good luck.
  10. Skyedge

    Tank removalist

    Hi Matt, It's from Baulkham hills to my house in west pennant hills, access is pretty straight forward, no stair involved, except for the sloping down to my garage (not sure if you remember.. Cheers.
  11. Hi All, I need to move a 6x2x2 tank+cabinet, is there any such thing as tank removalist..? or just any normal removalist and hope they know what they are doing..? Anyone knows one that can be recommended (who has done it before..) Thanks.
  12. Ikan Gila ===== Crazy Fish == Flowerhorn (Indo language)-- (English)-------(fish language)
  13. Before you spend more money on the meds, I think you'd be better of spending it on bigger tank and bigger filter. There are 2 thing that can be the problems with 35 fishes in a 65ltr tank: 1. Filtration. more fish = more bioload. I don't think your filter is coping with the bioload. It looks like your filter has crashed, and the tank is on the cycle again. 2. PH swing. If your tap water is 8.5, try to maintain the PH at 8.5 so there is no ph swing at water change time, however if you want it to be at 7, get a water holding tub, where you can precondition the water (reduce the PH) before the water change.
  14. Hi Laurie, Thanks for the input. There are 3 bigger ones are around 8-9 cm, and 2 smaller ones are around 6-7 cm, but none of them have bristles. Maybe I am having slow grower males? or maybe I should buy a mature male? at what age do they start to breed..? 2-3 years..?
  15. Skyedge

    a wipeout

    hi rob, I don't have the answer to your question, but I had this problem all the time. Bought some yellow a few times, they all died mysteriously, whilst other fish in the same tank were breeding and doing well. In the end I just gave up on e yellow, bad fengshui maybe ..lol..lol.
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