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  1. pH was around 7.5 and temp was between 24 and 27.......fed them a variety of foods some flake and blood worms as a treat, occasionally they got some freeze dried black worms...I searched the internet for polleni fact sheet and went off that really.....I usually like to see things at least 3 or 4 times on the net before I start to believe that there might be some truth in it but I did not find a whole lot on the internet about these guys....Hope that helps. i think the ral key is to not disturb them to much....which is really hard when they have lots of fry floating around them lol
  2. I will get some up as soon as I can they are a stunning pair!!
  3. Hi Marty, Have bred Discus a few times, and currently have 3 breeding pairs. Stendker pigeon bloods Leopards Blue turk with blue turk X I have them while breeding in different size tanks..... 2 pairs are in a 2 x 18 x 18 and the 3rd pair in a 3 foot...... Most breeders will breed them in small tanks and there are a few reason for this... 1/ the fry need to be able to find the parents 2/ easier to do regular water changes 3/ don't need any bigger to breed in. Make sure you have the pH down to around 6 -6.5 - we use 80% rain water and 20% town water (town water usually around 7.5) if the water is to hard the eggs will turn hard to quickly and not fertilise properly. As for the fry - once taken away from the parents we start them off in smaller tanks and they end up in 4 footers to grow out depending on how many you get from a batch but normally once they get bigger I would go to a couple of 6x2x2 for a good batch of around 200. It is very important to make sure the water is spot on. One of the biggest reasons fry will not attach to the parents once they become free swimming is because of water quality.... Cheers Col
  4. I bred these guys not long ago (maybe 6-8 months) I was lucky enough to purchase a pair and had them in a 4 foot tank on their own....gave them a fake cave and pretty much left them alone except to feed and make sure their health was ok...... as soon as I started to see the female moving gravel out of the cave I turned lights off (they were kept in a low traffic area) they spawned once and she ate the eggs because I disturbed them and the tank, so we put them back to dark again with the only light coming through the day is all they had. They spawned a second time and produced over 150 fry.....I left them altogether for a couple of months and then split half of the fry out....I didn't know if they were good parents so split my odds...they grew at the same rate once separated and the parents we found were fantastic parents.......unfortunately after I took the rest of the fry the male went ape and harassed the female and I had to separate but I was to late and she later died......soon after I moved the dad on as I lost heart... These are a fantastic fish with personality and life....I will get another pair one day I am sure..... Hope this helps!!! Col
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