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  1. Hi  I am not in Sydney,  but Tropheus can be shipped.  At sub-adult size I have Malagarasi, Kapampa Limespot and Kabimba Canary Cheeks.




  2. Thanks for the quick replies any tips where to find metro to buy in Nsw Sydney a pm will be appreciated
  3. Hi all mate of mine has 15 adult kasangas that appear to be fine swimming freely and eating but have white stringy waste coming out, had a read on the net about bloat and a few sites suggest that it's stages of bloat, fish are active in a 5ft tank with some electric yellows which seem to all be happy and active. All fish Feed with Nls threa A only. Any tips? Bloat ?
  4. Hi champ, hard to give you a 100% answer is this a new setup, by the looks of it you seem to have freshly new filter wool and noodles, if this is the case let the tank cycle over a couple of days the water will start to clear up. maybe provide a picture of the actual tank, might help people see where you're at. cheers.
  5. I would not recommend it, take out the fish place in buckets place a airstone in them do the change wait till the water settles, then do a 40% water b4 placing the fish back prep everything b4 hand so the fish don't sit all day in the buckets goodluck fineee crushed coral sand is excellent cheers
  6. What's a good one, that works excellent iv being using fish focus buffers from weatheiral park aquariums works really good don't think they sell it any more I'm keeping tropheus mainly
  7. Hi peeps just need help just had tropheus over a few months now, my colony of IKOLA 5ml 14fm 10-14cm, are spawning regularley with big mouth fulls but not holding to term, they are in a standard 5ft tank 75g they usually hold till 4 days and then when its feeding time they go nuts and then mouth fulls become null iv tired to strip after 2days and tumble the eggs, with resulted failure. My question is pulling a divider in the tank and separating the females that hold? any tips or tricks would be much appreciated cheeeeeeers
  8. thanks for the replies have a good understanding now, if i want to upload pics can i do it directly or use another site and link it bk to this forum cheers!
  9. Hi peeps first post hopfully this is the right place to post my question, i need help with the following, Tropheus compatibility- red rainbow kasanga with Tropheus Duboisi Maswa and how do i access the classifields, iv registered and my user status has changed stocked with 24 redrainbows ATM thinking of putting a colony of Tropheus Duboisi Maswa around 10 adults would this be right or a bad move! cheers! tank is a 5 x 2 x2
  10. Welcome to the forums Must8Hacks :)

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