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  1. A mate of mine was breeding yellows a few years ago and he swears by the males having a stripe through there eye and is confident in sexing them this way. I would be interested to know if this was a trait specific to his line or is this common amongst yellows ? Maybe he is onto something , thoughts ?
  2. The eheim 2215 would be my pick, a little bit more expensive than the aqua one but a much better unit and it will give you a true 600 lph http://bit.ly/18bCjrM
  3. Seachem tanganyika buffer, best I've found by far
  4. mick77

    Chip in tank :(

    grab some sand paper and smooth out the chip before you silicone it, glass is most likely to crack from a small fracture so if you can blend it in it will make it a lot stronger.
  5. I have a few of these egg tumblers, they are great but the top section is very poorly attached and comes apart very easy, not enough glue is the problem. I have just siliconed them back on and now they are great
  6. Thanks Jim . I followed the instructions in the embedding a video thread but still ended up with a link, what did you do to embed it properly ?
  7. I tried to embed the video but it hasn't worked ??? any pointers would be appreciated.
  8. here is my first attempt at capturing one of my male ruziba's spawning . I have been building up the colony for about 12 months and have fish from 3 different bloodlines. there are 14 fish in total with two males showing colour and building sand castles. video was taken with an I phone 4s so it's not the greatest but it's a start. I plan to try the next vid from higher up so the bottom of the pit can be seen but this is a start . &feature=player_detailpage
  9. mick77


    Very impressive fish !!! @ 40cm wow
  10. lol, he really arches his back when colouring up to the female ruziba's. i'm surprised by the amount of attention that he gives them
  11. yeah only 1 but i would like to add another 4 or 5 at some stage. currently he shares a 6x3x2 1/2 with 14x ruziba and a few other tangs.
  12. here are some pics of my W/C benthochromis tricot @ 12 cm.
  13. Had a great afternoon at the auction, it was great to see such a wide variety of fish available and thanks to everyone who organised and run the auction . It was a long drive home, 12:30am I walked in the door with 8 bags of fish and 3am into bed lol. I wish I lived closer so i could attend the club meetings but 4 1/2hrs each way is a bit of a hassle lol but if I'm up that way and have the opportunity to go I would like to join in.
  14. hey LithoMan, are you taking any of these "SUPER RED HONGI" i've been hearing about ?
  15. TBH i didn't expect to see any tricoti but i thought mentioning it may give me a indication of what is available. I don't expect to get any super rare exotic cichlids at bargain prices at all ! i just don't know what to expect as i have never been to one of these auctions before. I don't really care if i don't buy anything at all, i am looking forward to this because iv'e been a fish keeper for many years and this should be a great day seeing another side to the hobby.
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