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  1. Some pics of Syn pair (updated)

    Hey Guys, thought i'd post a couple more pics of the pair. I've take out most of the fry out of the display tank, there's only about 40-50 left (couldn't catch them as the male absolutely despises the net, he dives at it, bites and pulls on it like when you play with a dog and it pulls the rope while swinging their hear side to side, same thing with this guy... Even if im on the other side of the room and i hold up the net he just looses it ). Anyway, ones i got the fry out, the breeding dress is on as you can see, his all colored up and constantly displaying while moving around the sand.
  2. Some pics of Syn pair (updated)

    Mate im honestly surprised my self how well these guys are looking after the fry, the fry in the tank with the parents are about 3cm now. The upside is the parents are still eating like pigs so instead of spawning they're putting on a fair bit of size, the girls gotten pretty fat
  3. Some pics of Syn pair (updated)

    Thanks mate, I have a post in classifieds now, theyre about 5cm now so rdy for sale
  4. Some pics of Syn pair (updated)

    Thanks mate! They're a pretty great pair, easy to get good pics of, except the female at the moment. You can hear her teeth scraping against the glass as you walk past the tank haha, shes not the friendliest at the moment.
  5. Some pics of Syn pair (updated)

    Few more pics of the pair The boy is starting to show his breeding dress here, so not sure how much longer the spawn will last in the display tank. The other spawn is now around the 5cm mark
  6. Some pics of Syn pair (updated)

    Hey Benno, yea mate ill ship when they're ready.
  7. Some pics of Syn pair (updated)

    Thanks Ged! Very happy with the growth rate so far, they're 1 month old tomorrow, i measured a few and most are just over 2cm now. from my experience that's pretty decent. Got some more pics coming up shortly with parents and free swimming fry
  8. Some pics of Syn pair (updated)

    Thanks heaps guys, have a few updated pics, they've been spawning every fortnight over last 7 weeks. I left the last spawn with them, current spawn in the tank has been free-swimming for about 2 days. Anyway, heres a few pics Female getting a little defensive of the fry, they're tucked away behind the rock of the left. The little fish above the Syns is a Redtail Goodeid (xenotoca eiseni), have 6 males and 6 females in the tank with them, the syns dont pay any attention to them. Shot of the big boy These are the fry from my last post. This shot is from the 13/09 This one was taken today, 18/09. They're baout 1.5cm now. Eggs were laid on the 20/08. (sorry for the messy tank, fed them just before) and just one more of this guy
  9. Some pics of Syn pair (updated)

    Thanks guys, i'm incredibly happy with this pair, great temperament and always displaying. Quality wise I haven't seen any around this nice, not to say there aren't any, but certainly not common. They've been pretty consistent with spawning, Ill have some fry available soon, they're just over 1cm, 21 days since they were laid. Been pumping out baby brine shrimp like a production line haha
  10. Hey guys, Just wanted to share some pictures of a Synspilum (/melanurus, which ever you prefer).
  11. Paratilapia Polleni

    Thanks guys, They're beautiful fish, ill have to do a big tank clean this week, Ronny is talking about bringing his camera over so might see a few pics of their fry soon. Fry aren't really fry anymore, they're 12cm+ and paired.
  12. Paratilapia Polleni

    Thanks Chris! I kept a few for my self after their last spawn to raise after i decided to sell this pair . They're 10-12cm and just under 6months old, really nice pair bonded and pattern looks even nicer than the parents!
  13. Paratilapia Polleni

    Hey all, Just thought I'd share some pictures of my Polleni pair that i kept until jan this year. Keeping these guys has been an absolute joy, they're extremely responsive and full of personality. The pattern would change color during spawns turning allot bluer particularly on the female and gold between spawns. Pair with a spawn Male scraped him self on some rocks while chasing the female around between spawns Female all colored up just before a spawn
  14. Paratilapia "polleni"

    There are a few pairs in Syd at the moment. Mine have slowed down on spawning every other fortnight but still bonded so hopping to get another spawn relatively soon. Just haven't been at home as much as I'd like lately
  15. a few random yanks

    They're looking great Pat! As you said, the Robertsoni's are coloring up even more than in the pics i sent you!