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  1. I have some coral rock for sale in my thread in the classifieds, @azzah. The look is similar to lava rock but white, or green once you let some algae grow on it.
  2. Hi 

    soulois still fs 

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    1. daniel marshall

      daniel marshall

      There still fs 

      cheers daniel

      working north Sydney 

  3. Looks great! Is the tank/cabinet a custom build or off the shelf?
  4. By not cleaning the tank do you mean the water itself is not clear or is it just that there are food remains and/or fish waste on the substrate?
  5. When I set up my mbuna tank I used a mix of coral sand and marine lime sand, a very fine sand that easily gets suspended in the water column with the fish's every movement. It looks great but the suspended sand makes it very difficult to clean the tank glass without also scratching it. I shall be sticking to heavier/coarser coral sands in my next tank for this reason. Having said that, the tank pictured already looks heavily scratched so you might not care too much at this point.
  6. luis

    New tank

    Do you have ammonia and nitrite test kits and if so what do they say? That is the best indication of whether the tank is fully cycled. 15 fish in a new tank is a lot. Make sure to feed sparsely.
  7. luis

    New tank

    I wouldn't touch the gravel, rocks, decoration on a new tank as bacteria will colonise those surfaces. Water changes are ok and even beneficial if the test kits detect ammonia and/or nitrite. Sent from my D5833 using Tapatalk
  8. Awesome fish, my favourite is the calvus. I like the substrate too, what is it?
  9. Is aragonite a suitable substrate for mbuna or is it too coarse? (and does it look good?)
  10. Follow up question: how do you clean the glass on your sand-bottomed tanks without scratching?
  11. This fish didn't survive my recent 12-day holiday. My theory is that the lack of food plus the bullying it was subject to (other Synos never let it stay at the bottom, it had to stay near the top) were finally too much...
  12. So I've now returned, the fry are all well. In fact, they have grown while on the auto-feeder. In the main tank all cichlids are healthy, albeit very thin (but eating again except for 1 female who is holding). Unfortunately, it was one of my Synodontis lucipinnis (the one I posted about previously) that didn't make it.
  13. Update: 1 female is now eating voraciously, another is curious but not quite to the point of eating yet.
  14. Thanks, I'll use the auto feeder for the fry then. According to my notes the females have been holding since 1 Nov (is that even possible)? The male has been very active lately and is always chasing them... Hopefully they spit soon so I can still get some food in them before leaving.
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