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  1. starting to build tang tank

    Finally installed 11 metre tank at sofitel darling harbour, held water with no leaks! Was one cool project!
  2. starting to build tang tank

    Was only able to be 800 deep due to space behind desk at hotel were it is positioned.
  3. starting to build tang tank

    Yeh not cheap but it's for 5 star hotel
  4. starting to build tang tank

    For the big tank lovers 11metre, 2metre high, 800deep, heading for Sydney. black fibreglassed and 66mm glass panels.
  5. starting to build tang tank

    Meng is good he is just doing a real estate corse at moment and still making the rare big tank.
  6. starting to build tang tank

    Yours will be finished soon mate, once meng pulls his finger out! Lol
  7. starting to build tang tank

    I use sikaflex 11fc its a polyurethane
  8. starting to build tang tank

    yeh was not fun rolling it over from it face down after installing screen.
  9. starting to build tang tank

    screen installed and in position. Time for sand,rocks, and plants. Just going to run twin fx6's for filter system. And hang led lighting above tank
  10. starting to build tang tank

    waterproofed finally and ready for acrylic to be put in
  11. starting to build tang tank

    hey guys it is steel frame with 25 mm ply inside, I normally ply both sides and put 50 mm foam in between steel work for insulation, but this one is for me and wanted to see the steel work on outside of tank. I also normally fully fibreglass inside and outside of tank but instead I am trying a product from duram called cryso-flex. I am also trying 30 mm acrylic screen for the first time as a trial to see how it holds up to scratches.
  12. starting to build tang tank

    starting to build one of my large tang tanks 2500 mm wide by 1300 mm high by 1000mm deep.
  13. Hi there guys found a website that has every malawi and tang species picture and most have male and female of the species. Only catch is you will need to use google translater which is easy to do. So enjoy all these amazing pics guys, the site is cichlidenareal.ru roosy