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  1. So im in the process of setting up a 450lt tank and would like to know if there is anyone selling discus and willing to ship
  2. Thanks guys do you recomend to sand before staining
  3. here are some pictures from these does the stand look like it needs anything done to it by which i mean adding a board to cover those holes of is it ok like that which i assume it is also im going to be staing it any tips/brands of stainer
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  5. Its a stand made into a cupboard in other words a stand with doors and a flat floor if i decided to not put a to board will it be ok just like that
  6. It has a base board on the bottom but not were the tank actually sits just the supports and foam
  7. Yeh its got a support in the middle but there is gaps on both sides of this and i want to know if i need to cover these up of if its ok just like that
  8. So i got a 4x2x2 450lt tank and i have a question the stand top is open meaning that the tank is sitting on the supports and the bottom of the tank has parts not sitting on anything does this matter? Will the stand be able to support the tank full or should i close up the top of the stand and if so how
  9. So im getting a 4x2x2 tank which will be a planted geophagus and discus tank and was wanting to know what led lights are out there which i can use i was thinking the maxspect razor 120w as 160w will be to much for a tropical tank but im not sure if 120w will have long enough mounts to fit the tank
  10. So for a 4ft x 2ft x 2ft tank how thick should the glass be
  11. Might be getting a new tank the brand is absolute aquariums and i was woundering if anyone else has had this brand of tank or heard anything about them.
  12. Does anyone know where i can get reasonably priced wild discus or anyone who has them and willing to shop
  13. Just woundering if anyone knows of any stores in the sydney and wollongong area that sell appistogramma
  14. Second nature aquariums sometimes gets wild caught but the also sell tank raised ones
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