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  1. trying to upload pics not very user friendly
  2. hi guys im just wondering if my dovii is male or female i think its a male just because it doesnt seem to be yellowlike females but im still not 100% id love to breed them so i need to be sure so i can get the opposite hope you can help i know you guys no way more than me thanks mark.
  3. sorry mate just excited when people out there like the same type of fish not eveyone likes them.
  4. lovely dovii i got a male gonna breed him when i get a female would a 6x2x2 tank be ok as they wont be very big and i wont have any other fish with them and as they get bigger i might upgrade the size of tank maybe 8 x2x3 any suggestions??
  5. wow im really intrested now but i think i will purchase another tank for some dovii my other fish are lovely and i dont want them to end up as dovii food im trying to find a pair but there not easy to come by does anyone know were i can get in melbourne thanks for all the info much appriciated.
  6. like all this info boys thanks.
  7. thanks guys i guess you got to try things but i love my fish lol
  8. would you think a dovii could kill a saratoga or leave it alone because its not a cichlid
  9. Hi im chasing a dovii male around 12cm i have a 10ft tank with a saratoga 60 cm a jaguar around 15cm and apair of red terrors will the dovii be ok in there?? i think i will have to move most of them out any suggestions thanks.
  10. Hi people im intrested in getting a dovii for my 10 ft tank i already have a 60 cm saratoga and a pair of festae also in the tank i have a 15 cm jag and two 30 cm plecos if i bring in a dovii whats going to happen i hope not hell as i really like the fish and if anyone has one for sale could you let me know thanks.
  11. Welcome to the forums capefear :)

  12. want to get a dovii i have a jardini around 50 cm and a jag also have a pair of festae would a dovii fit in

  13. capefear

    mezzas fish

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